1-on-1 Coaching


I help you find Christ-honoring clarity for your personal life or business

James Parker, Head Coach for Redeeming Productivity

Problems Redeeming Productivity coaching can help you solve:

  1. You feel overwhelmed, overcommitted and on the verge of burnout
  2. Your life feels out of balance, and you are neglecting important relationships
  3. You are not consistently achieving your goals
  1. You are distracted, not focusing on the things that matter most
  2. Your faith is disconnected from your day-to-day
  3. You lack clarity about your calling and purpose in life
“I now have more confidence in doing things outside of my comfort zone”
“coaching with James has given me clarity on how to reach my goals, as well as the ability to prioritize what is important”
“all the testimonies about his ability to bring clarity are true”

1-on-1 Coaching


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Working with a Redeeming Productivity Coach is easy

Schedule an intake call

In a thirty-minute intake call, you and I will talk about what’s holding you back and where you want to be

Get a 12-week plan

We’ll identify your priorities to focus on in the first 90 days so that you can see meaningful progress in areas that matter most to you.

Achieve your goals

In just a few months, you will move from confusion to clarity and from chaos to consistency in the most important areas of your life.


Meet Your Coach

James is a certified business coach with 5 years of experience and has logged over 1,500 coaching calls. He has a background in business administration and has worked in the finance and real-estate industry as well as done work in church planting and pastoral training. He has had the privilege of coaching clients from a variety of backgrounds, especially entrepreneurs, several of who have continued coaching with James since he first began.

But what’s unique about James is that he approaches coaching from a thoroughly Christian perspective. Coming from a family of pastors and serving as an elder himself, James is a firm believer in the importance of not separating your work and productivity from your faith. Unlike many business and productivity coaches, you aren’t expected to check your faith at the start of the call. His coaching is comprehensive—it addresses the whole person—because James believes your spiritual growth and personal productivity are deeply connected.

More Testimonials

Since 2020, I’ve been meeting weekly with James Parker for coaching.

James has helped me find clarity on my vision and goals and has been there every step of the way, helping me build Redeeming Productivity from a hobby blog into a full business. All along the way he has helped me keep my eyes on Christ and not sacrifice my family on the altar of work.

He isn’t just a productivity coach, he’s a Christian coach. And he isn’t just a Christian coach, he bleeds the principles of Redeeming Productivity.

James is the only coach I’ve ever recommended to anyone, and I’m thrilled that he’s joining forces with RPA to offer personalized support to members who want that extra level of accountability and support.

Reagan Rose
Founder of Redeeming Productivity

It’s hard to put into words how incredible my coaching experience with James Parker was. He was thoughtful, professional, and simply excellent in every way. He is so good at helping you see the obvious that you are not seeing. He supercharges with not just clarity, but hope and belief.

There is no other experience I have ever done that offered such clarity so quickly. James was able to get to the root of an issue incredibly quickly and work from there (instead of where I thought I needed to start).

Without the slightest hesitation, I would recommend James Parker’s coaching to anybody who is ready to significantly accelerate the results in their life. If you’re on the fence, consider the cost of all the mistakes you will never have to make, along with the greatly accelerated progress you will make in a fraction of the time, and you will see it is far more costly than the cost of coaching. This is one investment that requires work but pays massive dividends in your life and future.

Bodie Quirk 
Creator of YouCanLearnTheBible.com

Coaching with James has given me the ability to look at my current time/work obligations to see if they are something I should continue or discontinue. I am more aware and able to look at “opportunities” that come my way and decide if they are something I should pursue.

I appreciate that James does not try to sugarcoat things he thinks I might not want to hear and is willing to ask the tough questions. He knows a great deal about how to improve productivity with a focus on being effective–doing things well, not just doing them and checking them off a list.

As a result of coaching with James, my ability to look at whatever my current situation is and identify the next thing I should do has greatly improved, along with the ability to consider that some things I think need to be done should not even be on the list.

If someone wants to develop the skills and knowledge to become effective (productive) and do so from a solid biblical foundation, then working with James is essential.

Carol K.

James has helped me make sure I move toward my goals on a weekly basis and I now have more confidence in doing things outside of my comfort zone. He has the ability to use the information I give him to ask me pointed questions to bring clarity so I can decide for myself what the next action should be.

If you are hesitant, as I was, to coach with James due to the cost, I would just say that all the testimonies about his ability to bring clarity are true. And if you’re a Christian whose goals are all motivated by the desire to please the Lord and give Him glory, wouldn’t you want someone to come alongside to help you realize those goals? Not only is James phenomenal in his coaching abilities and business acumen, he also is a brother in Christ who loves the Lord, so you have someone whose counsel you can trust.

Sammy T.

Before coaching with James, I was concerned he might offer more of a cookie-cutter approach and wouldn’t be granular enough. However, coaching with James has given me clarity on how to reach my goals, as well as the ability to prioritize what is important. I have a clearer pathway to my goals, a more balanced lifestyle, and improved relationships with family. James is direct; we get straight to the point and move to actionable items without entertaining any excuses.  He’s helped me see blindspots–things I never considered before–in providing solutions. He is about measurable results and not fluff. If you are serious about life change–and not just talking about life change–see James.

Kent B.

Since coaching with James, I have gotten more organized, gained clarity on what I should be aiming for, made specific goals for my business, and have started to implement systems to help me reach those goals. It has been a huge help to have someone from the outside looking into my life and business to help me focus on what is important to meet my goals, provide clarity on the right thing to do next, and hold me accountable.

I love that James is a Christian with a shared worldview (I didn’t want to find a coach that only cared about profit/making money). He is a great communicator and has already made a huge impact on my business and organizational skills. I also love that his methods are not overly complicated and am excited to accomplish commitments that we agree upon.

I was initially hesitant to sign up, because I thought the idea of having a coach was cheesy, and James was not in my line of business. I had never had a coach and I didn’t want to spend the money (although it was way more affordable than other coaching I had looked into). If you have any hesitations, I would say try coaching for a month and see for yourself what type of impact it can make in your life.

Sam J.

James is exceptional at taking ALL the information from me and asking strategic questions that distill down to the essential components that yield the most results. He helps unstuck me so I can direct my strength and power at the things that matter most. He does this with the utmost sincerity. He wants me to achieve what is most important to me and he coaches with that level of care and commitment.

I’m in a business launch phase and was very stuck at the immensity of all the foundational/internal pieces and it was paralyzing me. He’s consistently helped bring clarity to what’s most important NOW and as a result, we’re about to make a key hire that will hugely impact the growth of the company.

Sam N.

I was initially hesitant to sign up for coaching with James, because: 1) I wasn’t sure what coaching is and does; 2) I wanted to know more about his background and experience; 3) the cost of coaching; and 4) having a little bit of the “I-don’t-need-help-I-can-figure-it-out-by-myself” attitude.

Now that I’ve been coaching with James, he has helped me tremendously. I’m more focused on the specific thing I need to be working on. I now have frameworks to ask questions and help provide clarity on things in the day to day. I’m less afraid to take action. James is always honest and candid. He asks great questions, forces me to think through issues, and is patient as I work towards the answer.

I now have a clear mission/vision that I’m working towards with my wife and family. I am more focused on the main thing I need to work on each day, and I’m more equipped to say “no” to things I shouldn’t be working on. I would absolutely recommend coaching with James. There are questions you ought to be asking yourself that you don’t know you should be asking. A coach can help you get to where you need to go.

Don L.

I was initially hesitant to coach with James, not knowing if he had the overall knowledge and experience to help me. Since coaching with him, I have gained clarity in terms of what I am and am not capable of doing in regards to specific goals I want to accomplish. I love that he is very positive, encouraging, straightforward, knowledgeable, and that he is a Christian. I really appreciate the fact that James is willing to change the “game plan” if it is not working or if adjustments need to be made.

Since coaching with James, I have been able to get more out of my day by getting up earlier, and going to bed at a consistent time. The overall quality of my life has improved. I would definitely recommend coaching with James.

Scott H.