Introduction to Christ-Centered Life Planning


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Length: 5 minutes

99% of productivity is prioritizing.

Better to work inefficiently on the right things than efficiently on the wrong things.

But how do we prioritize? What is the measuring rod we use to gauge the importance of one task, project, or goal over another?

If we want to deploy our productivity in the wisest way possible, we need to clarify a vision for our life.

When I say vision, I’m not talking about a literal vision from God. I’m talking about having a vision for your life in the same way a company has a vision statement to codify their values. It’s an exercise in clarifying exactly what you’re about.

In this course, I’ll show you a unique way to create a vision statement for your life that will enable to you make better decisions, choose better goals, and enjoy a greater sense of purpose.

Objectives for This Course

  • Create a personal vision statement for yourself
  • Understand the necessity of having a vision that encapsulates an eternal perspective on your productivity
  • Know how to use your vision statement for decision making and choosing which goals to pursue
  • Evaluate and refine your statement over the course of your life.

Let’s get started!

Use the workbook below to follow along with the video lectures and put what you’re learning into practice.