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The Christian Habit Everyone Forgets

Sometimes when we think of habits, we think of prayer, Bible study, and other personal practices. But if you want to lead a productive Christian life, it's impossible to do it alone. You need fellowship.

Scripture Memorization

Every Christian should make a regular practice of memorizing passages from the Bible. Here's why and some strategies and resources to help you get started.

Making Planning a Habit

Too many believers flit through life without a plan wondering why we don't see growth or success in our endeavors. For many of us the problem is that we don't look ahead; we don't make planning a habit.

The Essential Habit of Prayer

For some reason just about every Christian struggles to pray. In this episode Reagan discusses why that is, and offers some very simple steps for how you can ensure that you're daily doing this essential practice of every productive Christian.

The Christian Approach to Habit Formation

This first episode introduces Season 1: Essential Habits of the Productive Christian, and in it Reagan looks at the specific instructions the Bible gives for how Christians are to eliminate bad habits and cultivate good ones.