Personal productivity from a Christians worldview for the glory of God

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Does your Christian walk feel ineffective?

⏰ Struggling to manage your time?
📖 Devotional life inconsistent?
🫤 Lack clarity about your goals & priorities?

You’re probably thinking about productivity all wrong.

Most approaches to personal productivity & time management are me-centered. I will show you a way to get more done for the glory of God.

The 5 Pillars

of Christian Productivity

These theological truths about our relationship to God form the biblical foundation of Redeeming Productivity’s approach.

1. You Belong to God

2. You Exist to Glorify God

3. You Were Saved to Bear Fruit for God

4. You Have Been Uniquely Gifted by God

5. You Will Give an Account to God

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Meet Reagan Rose

I’m a Bible teacher who talks about personal productivity from a biblical perspective.

I was aimless, addicted to video games, and without purpose until I learned that God has called Christians to steward their lives intentionally. These days my goal is simple: I want to live a meaningful life for the glory of God. And I want to help other Christians learn to be more effective stewards of their lives too.

Meet Reagan
“The Christ centered biblical foundation of RP is such a blessing. I have read most of the secular books on productivity and always feel like I need to translate the content before I use it. I just finished 3 of the RP courses and this is what I have needed for so long.”

Donnie Halbgewachs
Pastor, The Well Church

“If you’re tired of trying to learn how to be more productive while having to filter out a godless worldview, then this is the place for you.”

Anna Kroll
Seminary Cataloging Librarian

“Reagan curates the best of the literature about productivity and passes it through a Biblical filter and then breaks it down to simple and wise principles that can be adjusted to your particular context.”

Louis Rodriguez

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