1-on-1 Coaching


Christian Productivity Coaching

Work with a redeeming productivity coach to get clarity and accountability for your personal life and/or business.

  • Weekly 30-minute, 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
  • Daily Check-ins
  • Midweek Accountability Reminders
  • Personalized Coaching Dashboard
  • Prep Form to Maximize Coaching Calls
  • Customized Weekly Calendar
  • Redeeming Productivity Academy Membership Included

*All slots are currently booked. Please join the waitlist if you would like to be notified when more become available.

“James has helped me find clarity on my vision and goals.”
“There is no other experience I have ever done that offered such clarity so quickly.”
“He helps unstuck me so I can direct my strength and power at the things that matter most.”

Redeeming Productivity is now offering 1-on-1 Christian productivity coaching with James Parker.

This coaching is designed to help you in any domain of stewardship that you want to make meaningful progress in, whether that’s:

  • Your personal life
  • Your professional life
  • Managing the home
  • Building a business

If you want to get more focused, accomplish your goals, and better steward your time for the glory of God, but feel like you need more help, coaching with Redeeming Productivity mightย be exactly what you are looking for.

1-on-1 Coaching

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls
  • Daily Check-ins
  • Midweek Reminders
  • Coaching Dashboard
  • Redeeming Productivity Academy Membership


Out of your price range? Consider joining the Redeeming Productivity Academy.


Since 2020, Iโ€™ve been meeting weekly with James Parker for coaching.

James has helped me find clarity on my vision and goals and has been there every step of the way, helping me build Redeeming Productivity from a hobby blog into a full business. All along the way he has helped me keep my eyes on Christ and not sacrifice my family on the altar of work.

He isnโ€™t just a productivity coach, heโ€™s a Christian coach. And he isnโ€™t just a Christian coach, he bleeds the principles of Redeeming Productivity.

James is the only coach Iโ€™ve ever recommended to anyone, and Iโ€™m thrilled that heโ€™s joining forces with RPA to offer personalized support to members who want that extra level of accountability and support.

Reagan Rose
Creator of Redeeming Productivity

It’s hard to put into words how incredible my coaching experience with James Parker was. He was thoughtful, professional, and simply excellent in every way. He is so good at helping you see the obvious that you are not seeing. He supercharges with not just clarity, but hope and belief.

There is no other experience I have ever done that offered such clarity so quickly. James was able to get to the root of an issue incredibly quickly and work from there (instead of where I thought I needed to start).

Without the slightest hesitation, I would recommend James Parker’s coaching to anybody who is ready to significantly accelerate the results in their life. If you’re on the fence, consider the cost of all the mistakes you will never have to make, along with the greatly accelerated progress you will make in a fraction of the time, and you will see it is far more costly than the cost of coaching. This is one investment that requires work but pays massive dividends in your life and future.

Bodie Quirk 
Creator of YouCanLearnTheBible.com

James is exceptional at taking ALL the information from me and asking strategic questions that distill down to the essential components that yield the most results. He helps unstuck me so I can direct my strength and power at the things that matter most. He does this with the utmost sincerity. He wants me to achieve what is most important to me and he coaches with that level of care and commitment.

I’m in a business launch phase and was very stuck at the immensity of all the foundational/internal pieces and it was paralyzing me. He’s consistently helped bring clarity to what’s most important NOW and as a result, we’re about to make a key hire that will hugely impact the growth of the company.

Sam N.