Reagan Rose

I’m a Bible teacher who talks about personal productivity from a biblical perspective.

I was aimless, addicted to video games, and without purpose until I learned that God has intentionally called Christians to steward their lives. These days my goal is simple: I want to live a meaningful life for the glory of God. And I want to help other Christians learn to be more effective stewards of their lives too.

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Mission & Philosophy of Redeeming Productivity

You were created to glorify God.

The mission of Redeeming Productivity is to recapture the concept of personal productivity for the sake of Christ.

If you’re like me, you’ve benefited from the advice of modern productivity gurus but have felt something is missing, like a key element that locks in all the rest and completes the puzzle. That something is a biblical foundation.

As Christians, we’ve been given a mission from God that is worthy of our best efforts. And that means using our time effectively, cultivating good habits, and setting God-honoring goals. The world offers many great resources for improving in these areas. But how a Christian thinks about personal productivity should radically differ from the world.

Our calling as Christians is the highest calling there is, and the idea of being productive is not the invention of capitalism; it is the mandate of Christ.

— R.C. Sproul

Christians ought to be the most productive people in the world because we don’t just have grand goals to strive after—we also have a God-given motivation that drives us from within.

Redeeming Productivity seeks to help Christians learn personal productivity from a biblical foundation so they can become the kind of people God made them to be.

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