A Christian’s Thoughts on Deep Work

Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work, is a modern productivity classic. How can Christians take and apply the principles of deep work to rise above the distractions that surround us, live more God-glorifying lives, and better serve others? 

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  • Hi Reagan
    Thanks for this. I especially appreciate the thoughts on this book from a Christian perspective, as I have read it a couple of years back. I have a question: I’m currently studying IT, but only as a means to an end, as I would like to get into apologetics someday. My problem is that I don’t really like IT, especially the institute that I’m learning from, as I find myself struggling with bad teachers, and I find myself only able to give myself motive to just get the work done, but not done well, as I am frustrated with the way the class is being taught. My question is: how can I glorify God in an activity that I am not interested in, and is hard to do due hard circumstances?

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