⏳Why technology makes our lives easier yet more meaningless

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Dear steward,

We are living in the future.

At the press of a button, you can have any item you desire shipped to your home, any information you like poured directly into your brain. We have an abundance—endless entertainment options, unlimited methods to automate away tedium, and infinite access to every comfort imaginable. All thanks to our devices.

But our devices also take their pound of flesh. Do you ever look around at our world and wonder, “How can a people who have everything be so miserable?”

It’s the conundrum of our age: We have everything we thought we wanted, but somehow we’re still not happy. We have infinite content, so why aren’t we infinitely content?

Now, we could say the very obvious thing: They need, Jesus.

And, yes, they do need Jesus.

But don’t you feel it too?

I know I do. And I have Jesus. But something still seems off. It’s like I’m desperately trying to get something from my devices; to scratch some mysterious itch. But the more I search, the more it eludes me.

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✨ New on Redeeming Productivity

🎙Homemaking for the Glory of God with Marci Ferrell (43 mins)

In this episode, I’m joined by Marci Ferrell, the creator of Thankful Homemaker. Marci provides truth-filled, gospel-driven encouragement to homemakers who amid their ordinary days desire to honor and glorify God in all things. In our conversation, we discuss Marci’s testimony, the challenges full-time homemakers face, contentment, and—of course—being productive in the home.

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▶️ To the Fatherless on Father’s Day (5 mins)

I made this video last year in celebration of Father’s Day. It’s a little awkward to be this vulnerable. But I just hope it can be an encouragement to someone.

▶️ Focussing on Your Strengths (3 mins)

It’s important to improve your weaknesses, but it’s also important to actually use your strengths. Are you leveraging your unfair advantages?

✍️ Why technology makes our lives easier yet more meaningless (4 mins)

It’s the conundrum of our age: We have everything we thought we wanted, but somehow we’re still not happy. We have infinite content, so why aren’t we infinitely content?

🧑‍💻The Roundup

Productivity without Burnout: 8 Lessons from John Gill (3 mins)

“How does a productive pastor not burn out? I didn’t expect to find the answer from John Gill. I expected his life to involve sacrifice. Perhaps early hours, a poor marriage, or neglecting his congregation. [But] Gill didn’t work an insane schedule. He pastored from age 21 to 74 and never burnt out. Here’s what I learned from his life.”

(Tim Wilson / Center For Baptist Renewal)

This App Adds a Delay When You Try to Open Distracting Apps

Saw this in Ali Abdaal’s newsletter. It’s a really cool idea, instead of uninstalling or blocking distracting apps altogether, this app allows you to give yourself a chance to slow down and ask “do I really want to open TikTok?”

Friction: The Hidden Force Holding You Back (2 mins)

“One of the easiest ways to increase your value to an organization is to reduce the friction required to get you to do your job.”

(Shane Parrish / Farnam Street)

Thoughts on Money by Charles Spurgeon (12 mins)

A number of thoughts concerning money from Charles Spurgeon. These thoughts have been taken from a number of his works.”

(Charles Spurgeon / A Puritan’s Mind)

The many problems with being a long-term lone vagabond without a base (14 mins)

With so many jobs now allowing you to work from anywhere, there’s been

a lot of glamorization of the “digital nomad” lifestyle. I appreciated this honest take about some of the downsides.

(Benny Lewis / Fluent in 3 Months)

🖋Quote of the Week

“No matter how big and tough a problem may be, get rid of confusion by taking one little step toward solution. Do something.”

– George F. Nordenholt

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