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Issue #82: Curing Procrastination, Biblical Stewardship, The Importance of Bodily Movement, Being Ordinary, and more.

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How to Do a Weekly Review

Dear steward,

Today I want to show you a simple weekly rhythm that has been invaluable in my own quest to better steward my life for God’s glory.

We schedule regular checkups on things like our cars, bodies, and homes. But how often do we check in on how we are spending our most precious resource of all—our time?

The weekly review is a once-a-week checkup on your life, productivity, and walk with the Lord.

Weekly reviews give you:

  • Awareness of where your time is going
  • A greater sense of being organized and on top of things
  • Clarity about where your life is headed

In today’s article, I show you exactly how to set up an effective weekly review and I’ve included a PDF worksheet you can use to keep you on track.


The best links I found this week

What Is Biblical Stewardship? (5 mins)

“Sometimes we think that the New Testament is not concerned with labor, industry, or productivity, but it is concerned only that we love each other and live by grace and not by works. But if we examine the parables and language of Jesus, we see an emphasis on the call to fruitfulness.”

(R.C. Sproul / Ligonier)

Feed Your Brain: Bodily Movement (60 mins)

Really enjoyed this talk by David Mathis where he emphasizes the importance of exercise for the mental lives of believers.

This one on the Protestant work ethic is also worth a listen.

(David Mathis)

Why I’m No Longer Trying to Be Extraordinary (4 mins)

“We’ve lived in the States for 15 years now, and my struggle has continued. I still find it tempting to chase after big audacious goals and struggle to believe that God isn’t always asking me to do more or run to what’s radical. But by his grace, God has grown a new desire in me. Alongside my ambition, I also now long to be faithful and content in life’s more mundane rhythms.”

(Nathan Sloan / The Gospel Coalition)

What Does “Vanity” Mean in Ecclesiastes? (3 mins)

“Vanity of vanities! All is vanity.” says the preacher in Ecclesiastes 1:2. But what does vanity even mean? David Kaywood helps give definition to this oft-quoted yet often misunderstood biblical word.

(David Kaywood / Gospel Relevance)

Chronic Procrastination: 5 Weird (But Effective) Ways You Can Conquer It – Barking Up The Wrong Tree (4 mins)

Some simple, actionable tips you can try next time you find yourself procrastinating.

(Eric Barker)


Here’s something I like

The Scriptures tell us to “weep with those who weep” and as I’ve immersed myself in Tim Challies’ latest book I have indeed found myself weeping with Tim.

Often we consider that verse in terms of the blessing it is for the mourner. It is indeed a comfort to be surrounded by the sympathy of loved ones sharing your grief. But I found in Seasons of Sorrow that stepping into another man’s grief turned out to bless me as well.

In Seasons of Sorrow Tim documents his grief journey after suddenly losing his young son, Nick. The book is a reminder of both the choking brevity of life and the expansive grace of God. It will leave you encouraged to trust the Lord even in the darkest days.



Quote of the Week

“’No dessert’ is a lot easier for me than ‘some dessert.’ I thrive with loving constraints: strict, binary rules that remove all deliberation and protect me from my lesser self.

Tim Ferriss


Thanks for reading!

Pray you have a blessed rest of your week!

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In Christ,


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