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Hello stewards!

Hope you’re doing well this Thursday.

I’ve got a great issue of the Roundup for you today, but I want to begin by sharing with you something that’s really been helping me simplify my life.

Sometimes people ask me how I find the time to produce videos, articles, a newsletter, podcast, and run a membership program as a one-man operation. The truth is it’s less a matter of working long hours and more about strategically saying no to other opportunities.

Simplifying your life and finding more focus can be as simple as determining your priorities and ensconcing those priorities in personal policies. Policies make saying no easier and save you from draining your mental energy fretting over every choice that presents itself to you.

I explain more over on the blog 👇

How Personal Policies Can Help You Fight Decision Fatigue (3 mins)

I have some personal policies:

  • I don’t interact with anonymous Twitter accounts.
  • I never say “yes” to a commitment when first asked.
  • I don’t check my phone until after breakfast.

It’s not about being rigid. It’s not about being legalistic. It’s about minimizing decisions.

The power of policies is that they relieve you of the burden have having to exert energy to decide. They save you from decision fatigue.

Read the rest of “How Personal Policies Can Help You Fight Decision Fatigue” on Redeeming Productivity (3 mins)

🎙 On the Podcast

In this week’s episode of Redeeming Productivity, I expand on the importance of Work-from-Home Integrity for Christians (29 mins).

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🧑‍💻The Roundup

Unforgiveness is Unproductive (2 mins)

Just one more reason to forgive as Jesus forgave.

“It sounds strange, but the fact that unforgiveness can hurt my productivity is yet another incentive for me to quickly forgive. Life is short, and I don’t want to spend it emotionally drained because I don’t know how to apply the gospel.”

(David Qaoud / Gospel Relevance)

The Focus App RescueTime Got a Major Overhaul

Since 2008 RescueTime has been one of the best apps for blocking distractions and getting visibility on how you’re spending your time on your device. It recently got a major overhaul of new features, including many I haven’t seen in other distraction fighting apps.

I haven’t taken the new version for a spin yet myself, but I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve tried it.

5 Biblical Principles for Social Media (7 mins)

This is a helpful heart check for how we engage online.

“Much of what Peter, Paul and James wrote to the first-century church is as relevant for Christians on Facebook today as it was for Christians in their social interactions then.”

(Rob Brockman / The Gospel Coalition Canada)

How to improve your relationship with your phone (6 mins)

There’s a great “phone relationship audit” at the end of this article.

“A phone can be a tool to feed your curiosity and connect with people, or a time-wasting source of anxiety. In addition, phone addiction can be detrimental to your mental health. The good news is: there are simple ways you can better control your relationship with your phone.”

(Anne-Laure Le Cunff / Ness Labs)

A Beginner’s Guide to Craft

In my opinion, the app Craft has the best UX of any note-taking app currently available—especially If you are iPad-first. If you’re unhappy with your current note-taking setup, I’d encourage you to take a look at Craft.

The guys over at the Sweet Setup have put together an excellent 4-part introductory series to get you started on the basics.

✍️Quote of the Week

“Focus on the process rather than the results” – James Clear

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– Reagan

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