How I Take Sermon Notes to Focus Better, Learn More, And Grow Spiritually

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We go to church every week, hear a sermon, but how much does it really change us?

I’m convinced that the reason we can sometimes find church boring, not get much out of our pastor’s message, and stagnate in our spiritual growth is because we aren’t putting the effort to take full advantage of listening to the preaching of God’s Word each week.

In this video I show you how to take sermon notes in a way that will help you interact with God’s Word at a deeper level, make church more fun, and over time have life-changing effects.


  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 1:08 Step 1: Prepare in Advance
  • 2:15 Step 2: Listen Actively
  • 4:00 Step 3: Take Notes
  • 8:13 Step 4: Review & Apply
  • 11:35 Outro

For more on this topic read my blog post, How to Listen to an Expository Sermon on The Master’s Seminary Blog.

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  • Hi Reagan,
    I watched your video on ‘How to take Sermon Notes’ and truly appreciate you taking the time to put this together. I have been guilty of just taking notes and never looking at them again. I have hundreds of pages of sermon notes that have gone silent. Starting this week, I am going to review and seek to apply in the coming week. Thank you!

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