RPS #54 — How Jealousy Is Ruining Your Life

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Envy destroys our ability to do pleasing work for God. Instead of looking around at the “success” of others, we need to faithfully labor at what the Lord has put before us.


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  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:21 Thank you to you supporters
  • 05:16 The article that inspired this episode
  • 07:48 Jealousy in the workplace
  • 09:33 Envy is a sin
  • 10:54 Envy is strongest when you see the wicked succeeding
  • 13:10 You are not alone
  • 14:45 We have a choice to make when we see the wicked succeeding
  • 15:56 Don’t envy the damned
  • 19:14 The dangers of envy
  • 21:19 How Christians view success
  • 23:14 The meek shall inherit the earth
  • 25:05 You don’t have to be type-A to be successful
  • 27:55 Conclusion
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