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Well, today is the day.

The Morning Routine for Productive Christians

As many of you know, at the beginning of March, I decided to take on Redeeming Productivity full time. It was kind of a crazy decision since it wasn’t generating anything near a full-time income.

As I’ve thrown my whole self into this it has daily stretched my faith and made me more dependent on the Lord. And He has grown me tremendously through it over the last two months.

One of the things that’s been so encouraging is the emails I get from people like you sharing how Redeeming Productivity has helped them with things like:

  • Getting control of your schedule
  • Approaching your work in a more God-honoring way
  • Or simply establishing spiritual disciplines as habits

Those kinds of messages keep me going, and remind me that this is indeed a ministry worth pursuing.

And that’s why I’m so excited about this course announcement. Because it’s an opportunity to go deep into the nitty-gritty practicals of Christian productivity in a way that I really can’t anywhere else.

This course is a way to help you in a unique way, and a way for you to help support me as I continue creating free resources on the topic of Christianity and personal productivity.

Today I am finally launching my first ever online course:

POWER Mornings

I’ve boiled down the best of the best of what makes for an effective morning routine, and I’ve turned it into a specific plan you can apply in your own life.

This is the fruit of everything I’ve found from studying Scripture, pouring over the best resources on productivity, and my own first-hand experience of waking up early every day, reading my Bible, praying, and planning my day for the past 10 years.

I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work, and how to leverage a morning routine into habits that actually stick.

Most of us already know what we need to grow as believers and in our personal life, but we don’t do it.

We know we should be doing things like…

  • Reading our Bibles
  • Exercising daily
  • Keeping a journal
  • Planning your day
  • blah, blah, blah!

More often than not, our biggest problem isn’t that we don’t know what to do. It’s that we don’t have a plan for how to do it.

And that’s what this course is: A step-by-step process to creating a custom designed morning routine that works for you.

By the end of it you will walk away with

  • A written plan for when you’ll do your routine so you don’t have to sacrifice sleep
  • What you’ll be reading in the Bible each day
  • How to keep consistent time of prayer,
  • A schedule for daily exercise
  • A plan for reading or other personal development activities
  • And much more!

And the best part is, it’s all flexible so you can customize it however you want.

My hope and prayer is that this course might be the kick in the pants for some of us to really get disciplined, make a plan, and start practicing those habits which will lead to our spiritual growth, and effective productivity.

Join me and check out POWER Mornings.

Monthly supporters, make sure you check Patreon for a special price just for you.

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RPS #80 — Christian Productivity 101

In this episode, we discuss the starting point for how believers should approach managing our lives for God’s glory. Welcome to Christian productivity 101.

✍️ Quote of the Week

I am so glad that God is the owner, and I am merely a steward. I just have to be faithful.

🧑‍💻 What’s Happening on the Web

Now for some links from around the web that I think will be helpful in your journey to become a more productive Christian.

Aging Doesn’t Make You Faithful. Jesus Does.

This is so, so good!

Sanctification doesn’t happen automatically. It’s the work of God, but it occurs when we providentially take hold of the means of grace God has given us.

Our spiritual growth is progressive, but we stay in a state of arrested development sometimes because we don’t recognize this truth.

Don’t expect to wake up spontaneously faithful twenty years from now. Know Jesus today, love Him today. He is everything you will long for over the next two decades. Don’t waste another day hoping for future faithfulness without investing in it. Take hold of the gifts of prayer and Scripture that He has provided and never let go. Spend time with the One who makes you faithful. Aging doesn’t make you faithful. Jesus does.

Wish I could email this to my younger self, but Gmail doesn’t have that feature yet 😩

LaunchBar actions for Accordance Bible Software

This will appeal only to a very specific set of people, but here goes…

If you’re a Mac user who also uses Accordance Bible Software AND you use the app launcher LaunchBar, this set of actions is awesome.

Click the tweet below to see them in action.

‘I Worked Harder’: Recovering the Christian Work Ethic

“I worked harder than any of them.” Why did Paul, who never tired of preaching justification apart from works, nevertheless work so hard?

Which Task Manager is Right for You?

A task manager is one of the most important tools in your productivity arsenal. And if you go the app route, there are tons of great options.

The people over at The Sweet Setup put together this handy quiz to help you decide which task manager app is best for you.

(I use Things 3, by the way)

Middle East Egyptologists uncover rare tombs from before the Pharaohs

If you’re fascinated by archaeology, this is extremely cool.

Tons of photos of the tombs in the article.

⌛️ That’s all for this week!

– Reagan Rose

P.s. What are you still doing here? Go check out my morning routine course!

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