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In this article, I share some of the best books, articles, apps, and other resources for learning to memorize Scripture.

Every Christian should make a regular practice of memorizing Scripture. David said that he hid God’s Word in his heart so that he might not sin against God (Psalm 119:11). If we want to walk closely with God, be equipped to fight sin, and live a thriving spiritual life, we need to learn to memorize the Bible.

But often we don’t know where to begin. Many of us never learned how to memorize Scripture. But thankfully, there are many resources that can help us learn the valuable spiritual practice of memorizing God’s Word.

“I know of no other single practice in the Christian life more rewarding, practically speaking, than memorizing Scripture.”

Chuck Swindoll
My thoughts on why Scripture memorization is an essential habit for productive Christians

Books on Memorizing Scripture

An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture

This booklet by Dr. Andrew Davis can be downloaded for free here or if you want it as a native Kindle book, it’s just 99 cents.

In it he argues that we should not merely memorize individual verses, but whole sections of Scripture. He also offers a practical method for doing so.

God’s Battle Plan for the Mind: The Puritan Practice of Biblical Meditation

This book explains the biblical practice of meditation (which is fueled by Scripture memorization). If you’re looking for an answer to “why should I memorize the Bible?” this book will give it to you. Here’s my review of God’s Battle Plan for the Mind.

Systems for Bible Memory

The Charlotte Mason Method of Recitation

This memory system comes from Simply Charlotte Mason and involves using physical index cards. You can even print out recommended passages and purchase index cards and a handcrafted wooden box to hold them.

The instructions and video below outline an easy-to-use system to help your family members develop the habit of memorizing and remembering Scripture. By spending just five or ten minutes a day, you and your children can learn and retain hundreds of verses.

Topical Memory System by Navigators

Another popular scripture memory system is the topical memory system (TMS). It’s a step-by-step system that focuses on memorizing some of the most doctrinally rich passages in the Bible.

“developed by The Navigators as a simple, easy-to-use system to help believers memorize key verses that point to basic truths and important instruction. If you want to memorize Scripture but aren’t sure what to memorize or how, this system is the perfect launching point to begin hiding God’s Word in your heart.”

Scripture Memorization Apps & Websites

Bible Memory App (formerly Scripture Typer)

This popular Bible memory app helps you memorize and review verses by engaging as many senses as possible. It does require an in-app purchase to get all of the features.

  • Kinesthetic Memory: Type the first letter of each word in a verse to quickly memorize it.
  • Visual Memory: Draw Pictures and use Flash Cards.
  • Auditory Memory: Record verse audio and playback for hands-free review.

Fighter Verses

This app and website has tons of built-in plans and even songs to help you memorize the passages.

Remember Me

Another Bible memory app for iOS and Android with tons of games and puzzles that help make the process of memorizing Scripture fun.

Other Bible Memory Resources


Lastly, here’s a little inspiration. This is Pastor John Piper reciting Psalm 1, Psalm 16, Psalm 103, Romans 5:1-8, Romans 8, Matthew 6:25-34, and 1 Corinthians 13 from memory.

A special thank you to the readers of my weekly newsletter who suggested many of these resources!

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  • The Bible Memory app is amazing. I’m not a natural at memorizing things, but with that app I’ve memorized over 1,000 verses, including the entire book of Philippians, Romans 8, the Sermon on the Mount, and many shorter passages. It is great to have the app on my phone. I cycle through some verses daily and if I’m bored somewhere I do memory verses instead of social media.

    • That’s incredible!

      It really is amazing how you can switch your thinking from “I have a couple of minutes, I guess I’ll scroll Twitter” to “I have a few minutes, let me review some of my verses.”

  • Hey Regan,
    I’ve also created a tool for scripture memorization called The Verse Card Maker (VCM). It is a is quick and easy way to create custom cards for scripture memorization. All you have to do is enter the reference of the passage(s) you would like to learn and the VCM does the rest, from fetching the text to splitting long passages into manageable chunks then delivering a fully formatted PDF for easy printing.

  • Thanks for sharing. The “Verses” app is also a really good app for Scripture memory. They even voice features that allow you to speak the Scripture into the app! Also, God’s Battle Plan for the Mind is in my top 3 favorite books. It’s such a great resource!

  • Hi, thank you for these resources! You should also check out A Call to Scripture Memory by Susan Heck (She has memorized the entire New Testament!)

  • Thanks. I love all of this and have recommended much of it to the women I teach. I can testify to the power of Scripture memory in my life and was greatly influenced by Janet Pope’s His Word in my Heart.

  • Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts! Another great way to memorise Scripture is the Bible memory app Remember Me ( It’s free, fun and effective. No ads, no restrictions.
    It features multiple study methods (word puzzle, fill in the gaps, scripture typer), randomly generated quizzes, flashcards with spaced repetition, listen to Bible verses or record yourself, Bible verse images, retrieve scriptures from online Bibles, share public verse decks, sync with multiple devices, numerous Scripture translations, versatile labelling and filtering

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