Overcoming Overcommitment


What if time management isn’t your biggest problem?



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Why is it so hard to say no?

We all want to manage our time better and get more done. But often we jump into learning techniques that will give us 1–5% efficiency gains without first asking a deeper question.

What if time management isn’t really your biggest problem?

Often the reason we aren’t as productive as we wish has to do with how efficient we are, and more to do with the fact that we’ve said yes to too many things.

The trouble is, as Christians, we want to say yes to every opportunity. We long to be available and serve others. But sometimes to do the work Christ has called us to, we have to learn to gracefully say no to things He hasn’t called us to.

And it doesn’t matter how productive you become; everyone has a cap on how much time they have in a day.

If you are overcommitted, no productivity technique can help you create more time.

What You’ll Learn

In this course, we are going to try and accomplish four things:

☝️ Convince you that you’re probably doing too many things

🔎 Help you gain visibility on your present commitments

🛠 Give you the tools & encouragement to simplify by dropping and renegotiating some of your commitments in a God-honoring way

📖 And all of this will be taught from a rigorously biblical perspective

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction (4:03)
  • Step 1: Acknowledge the Connection Between Productivity & Overcommitment (5:07)
  • The Lie of Productivity (5:48)
  • Chasing After the Wind (4:00)
  • Step 2: Admit Defeat (5:44)
  • Overview of Exercises (2:29)
    • Exercise 1: Track Your Time for One Week
    • Exercise 2: List All Present Commitments
  • Step 3: Simplify Your Life (3:11)
  • Edit Aggressively (7:15)
  • Commit to Less (2:36)
  • Conclusion (2:08)

Frequently Asked Questions

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This course isn't for everyone. If you aren't a Christian, this course probably isn't for you, since the instruction and philosophy of this course is rooted in the Bible.

However, this course is for any Christian who wants to be better at keeping their word, feel more organized, and get more done in a way that glorifies God.

Past students have included, Christian parents, professionals, homemakers, students, entrepreneurs, teachers, and pastors.

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