Christ-Centered Life Planning




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99% of productivity is prioritizing.

Better to work inefficiently on the right than efficiently on the wrong things.

But how do we prioritize? What measuring rod do we use to gauge the importance of one task, project, or goal over another?

If we want to deploy our productivity in the wisest way possible, we need to clarify a vision for our life.

  • Vision Have clarity on how you specifically have been called to glorify God
  • Focus – Clarify your vision into a written statement that will serve you throughout your life
  • Eternal Perspective – Give yourself a tool that will help you to keep your hopes on Christ and heaven

In this course, I’ll show you a unique way to create a vision statement for your life that will enable you to make better decisions, choose better goals, and enjoy a greater sense of eternal perspective.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create a personal vision statement for yourself
  • The necessity of having a vision that encapsulates an eternal perspective on your productivity
  • How to use your vision statement for decision-making and choosing which goals to pursue
  • To evaluate and refine your statement throughout your life.

What You Get

  • 80+ minutes of video instruction on creating a Christian vision statement
  • Downloadable PDF workbook with exercises to help you implement the material
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Course Curriculum

  • Course Introduction & Workbook (2:21)
  1. The Power of Vision
    • Introduction to the Power of Vision (14:10)
    • Own Your Calling (7:43)
    • Biblical Examples (10:08)
    • Benefits of a Written Vision Statement (5:54)
  2. Understanding Vision Statements
    • Corporate Vision Statements (5:47)
    • Personal Vision Statements (7:05)
    • The Importance of Eternal Perspective (6:11)
    • The Right Motivation (4:56)
  3. The Longest-Term Vision
    • A Vision Statement with Eternal Perspective (6:39)
    • How to Create a “Well Done” Statement (4:49)
    • Reviewing & Refining Your Well Done (1:55)
  • Course Conclusion (2:32)


Frequently Asked Questions

You will get immediate access to the curriculum and workbook. You can start working your way through the material at you're own pace right away.

Purchasing this course grants you access to it for the lifetime of the course. So you can return to the material whenever you want. You'll also receive free updates and any additional modules or materials that are added to the course in the future.

This course isn't for everyone. If you aren't a Christian, this course probably isn't for you, since the instruction and philosophy of this course is rooted in the Bible.

However, this course is for any Christian who wants to be better at keeping their word, feel more organized, and get more done in a way that glorifies God.

Past students have included, Christian parents, professionals, homemakers, students, entrepreneurs, teachers, and pastors.

This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't find it useful, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase and we'll give you a 100% refund.

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