Reagan’s Roundup (1/10)

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Welcome to Reagan’s Roundup, where every Friday I share links to things from around the web that I think you will find interesting or helpful in your journey to become a better steward of the life God has given you.

Now, here are some other links from around the web:

Have You Read a Book Yet This Year?

“So it seems to me that a week into the new year is an ideal occasion to audit your time by auditing your reading. After all, we are people of trajectories and the way we set into a new year is likely to be the way we wrap up a new year. A week is plenty of time to have finished, or at least to have begun, a new book.”

Love Your Neighbor in the New Year: Answer Their Emails and Texts

“The most virtuous among us might not be those who conspicuously publicize their return to various forms of analog life. Instead, those most like Jesus might be the ones who decide to become more digitally available, not less.”

Creating Intentional Technology Habits in 2020

Some good suggestions in this article.


This is a very cool interactive explanation of how fireflies synchronize with one another. “Like Christmas lights gently floating in midair, fireflies always add a little bit of magic to the forests they live in.

“But some firefly species add even more magic. In Southeast Asia, if you go out to the riverbank deep in the night, you’ll be treated to this stunning lightshow – courtesy of the Thailand firefly:”

5 Ways to Pray for Your Church Family in 2020

“As we turn our calendars to a new year, we instinctively make plans to give attention to what matters. As Christians, we know that when we think about our priorities, prayer is right at the top of the list.”

The appetite for live-streaming is bigger than ever

Christians should search for ways to be a light for Christ wherever people are gathering—in real life or online. Could live-streaming be a new opportunity?

“Live-streaming’s potential, at least right now, is that it’s almost mainstream: a lot of people are aware of streamers, at least as a category of online influencer, but not as many people have had a personal experience watching one. I didn’t get it until I watched a few streams — and then I got it. And I’d bet most people are the same.”

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