Reagan’s Roundup (10/30)

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Reagan’s Roundup!

Here are some links to fuel your journey toward being a more productive Christian.

Now, for what’s happening on the web:

App Subscriptions Worth Paying For (Your Results) – The Sweet Setup

Many productivity apps have switched to a subscription model, which makes throwing in with an app a bit more of a commitment. This is a crowd-sourced list presents what apps people say are really worth the subscription. It’s a good list. Personally, I happily pay monthly for iCloud, 1Password, and Roam Research.

The Influenced Will Be Like the Influencer – Tim Challies

“We have the sober and sobering responsibility to be careful—so very careful—about who we read, who we watch, who we listen to, who we allow to influence us. For bit by bit, day by day, sermon by sermon, podcast by podcast, we will come to resemble the people we follow. For good or for ill, we will imitate them until we are like them.”

Inbox Zero is a state of mind | A Life of Productivity

“I personally like to look at Inbox Zero as a state of mind—getting to the point where you are dedicating zero mental space towards thinking about email. This requires a mindset shift where you bring more awareness into how you interact with your inbox.”

Knowledge Building Blocks: The New Meaning of Notes – Forte Labs

“One day in your early school years, a teacher probably told you to “take notes” for the first time. Looking around at your fellow classmates, this seemed to involve writing down what the teacher said, word for word, on lined pieces of paper. For most of us, this is how our experience of note-taking started: with a mysterious command, and very little guidance in how to carry it out.”

What Makes a Really Good Study Bible? – Tim Challies

Two from Tim Challies this week, But I couldn’t resist passing on this guide to the wide world of study Bibles.

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