Reagan’s Roundup (11/21)

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Welcome to Reagan’s Roundup, where every Friday I share links to things from around the web that I think you will find interesting or helpful in your journey to become a better steward of the life God has given you.

First, here’s what we covered this week on Redeeming Productivity:

Now, I know since Monday’s podcast, you’ve been waking up every morning and shouting “what’s happening on the web!?” So, let me help satisfy your curiosity.

Lies That Keep Women from the Word: Busyness Is Not the Problem

“Why, then, does the very fundamental practice of reading the word of God falls so badly by the wayside for many Christians? Because when it comes down to it, we don’t think it actually matters. If we did, this practice would not be the monumental struggle it is for so many women — women who are drinking coffee, wearing clothing, organizing offices, feeding themselves and others, coordinating all manner of activities, throwing birthday parties, and thinking ahead on Christmas. In short, women who have the time and intelligence to do the things that they prioritize and believe matter.”

Chaplaincy: Serving those who serve others

This is a special calling indeed.

“As Chaplains, our role is to show up not with the equipment of the officers we serve, with a calming and compassionate presence and message. Each ‘call out’ is another walk with someone through their worst day. Each scene brings another critical moment to hold a young child who discovered their deceased parent, steady an officer who is struggling through the dark times, pray with that detective whose strength is waning from years of hunting the most depraved in our society. Or, in the situation that started this article, it’s listening as friends cry out for answers to the ‘why him’, ‘why now’, ‘how could this happen’ the ‘what if’ and ‘if only’s’ that will haunt each survivor for years to come.”

The Lazy Pastor

“Apart from heretical doctrine or immorality, one of the most serious charges that can be levelled against a pastor is sloth. In the judgment of his congregation, he fails to take his cues from the ‘hard-working farmer,’ one of Paul’s models for pastoral ministry (2 Timothy 2:6), and seems unfamiliar with Solomon’s exhortation: ‘Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might’ (Ecclesiastes 9:10).”

Covetousness and Gratitude

I believe covetousness can be a trap many ambitious and productive Christians find themselves falling into—they are driven not by a desire to please God, but to have what is not rightfully theirs. This article by Robert Godfrey addresses covetousness and its antidote.

“The roots of covetousness run deep in our Christian lives. This recognition drives us to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who perfectly combated covetousness and upheld godly contentment with God’s will. During Christ’s temptation in the wilderness, what was Satan seeking but to tempt Him to covet what was contrary to God’s Word? Satan was tempting the Savior in the hope that He would covet food, fame, and the fulfillment of selfish goals (Luke 4:1–13). However, Christ resisted the sin of covetousness to which the first Adam fell prey (Gen. 3:6).”

Inside the hyper-organised world of wedding planning spreadsheets

As someone who has worked in the wedding industry and experienced my fair share of “bridezillas”, I found this amusing. It’s also a helpful reminder that you can overdo it with organizing to the point where your system stops being a helper to you, but instead, you become a slave to your system.

How Can I Know if I’m Wasting My Life?

Some thoughts from Chad Ashby. “Whether you’re a pastor, a missionary, or a layperson, do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a ministry holding pattern? Perhaps you can remember a time when you felt a sense of momentum—as though God were preparing you for some great endeavor. Maybe it was mission work, or some arduous but rewarding ministry career, or marriage and kids.”

Working Up a Spiritual Sweat

From Tim Challies, “When one seriously trains, he willingly undergoes hours of discipline and even pain so as to win the prize—running ten thousand miles to run one hundred meters at one’s best. The successful Christian life is a sweaty affair!”

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