Reagan’s Roundup (5/1)

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Reagan’s Roundup!

Here are some links to fuel your journey toward being a more productive Christian.

Now, for what’s happening on the web:

Driven to Distraction by Our Smartphones

Convicting advice from Lucas Weeks.

“The thing to remember here is that your smartphone is a tool. Its entire purpose is to help you accomplish things that matter. Instead, we often use it for frivolous things that help us to avoid doing the things that matter.”

Navigating Different COVID-19 Recovery Convictions

“What will it matter if we re-assimilate only to end up ‘socially distant’ again not because of a virus, but because of our inability to love others who approach COVID-19 differently than we do?”

Some great thoughts from Costi Hinn on conducting ourselves with charity toward one another.

Turn Your High-End Canon Camera into a High-End Webcam

Here’s a new way to flex in those Zoom meetings.

If you’ve got a nice camera lying around, why not up the quality of your video calls? Canon released a new utility this week that allows you to connect your DSLR as a webcam just using a USB cable. Unfortunately, the software is Windows only right now. But you can do something similar on a Mac using the free software CamTwist Studio.

His Delight Is Not in Your Strength

Ouch! This one from Marshall Segal hit home for me.

“Our delight is often in the strength of our legs — our work ethic, our perseverance, our cleverness, our strategies. And that temptation touches every part of life — at work, in ministry, at home — because every part of life in a fallen world requires strength. But God is not pleased by all that we can do — unless we do all that we do in his strength, and not our own.”

Inside of a Tractor Cab

Man, this is so cool! When you think of tractors you don’t normally think “high-tech” (and I think of tractors often). Check out this video tour of a tractor cab.

"The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps." Proverbs 16:9
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