Reagan’s Roundup (6/5)

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Reagan’s Roundup!

Here are some links to fuel your journey toward being a more productive Christian.

Now, for what’s happening on the web:

Let Go of Lies About Heaven: Eight Myths Many Believe

Appreciated this from Randy Alcorn, “Since the resurrection awaits God’s children, we haven’t passed our peak happiness and never will. There’s no need for bucket lists, because our new universe adventures will far exceed this life’s. We really will live happily ever after. That’s not wishful thinking. It’s the blood-bought promise of Jesus.”

All Facebook users can now access a tool to port data to Google Photos

This tool allows you to backup your Facebook photos to Google Photos. If you happen to find yourself deleting your Facebook account in a rage, you can rest comfortably knowing that all of your pictures are backed up.

Creation Mandate & the Meaning of Life

Episode 2 of “How Should a Man Live” is available now. This is the new podcast my friend Miska and I have started. In this episode we take a deep dive into Genesis and why God created us.

“A Thinking Person’s Checklist,” by Alan Jacobs

“Remember that you don’t have to respond to what everyone else is responding to in order to signal your virtue and right-mindedness.”

How I’ve Set up iA Writer After Moving from Ulysses

I’m always interested in seeing what tools other people use to manage their writing.

Write Better

“I have read a number of books about becoming a better writer, and like almost everyone else, rate William Zinnser’s On Writing Well as the one all others are measured against. And while I continue to recommend it as often as possible, Le Peau’s book offers several strengths that wonderfully complement and even supplement Zinnser’s.”

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