Reagan’s Roundup (8/7)

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Reagan’s Roundup!

Here are some links to fuel your journey toward being a more productive Christian.

You may have noticed there was no blog or podcast this week. I’ve been on a much-needed vacation for the past week in my home state of Michigan. I originally intended to keep up with Redeeming Productivity while away, but once I slowed down a little I realized just how burnt out I’ve been. So, I decided to treat my vacation like an actual vacation (novel idea!).

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and spending time with friends and family. It’s been a good time. Lord willing, I’ll be back next week refreshed and ready to rock! But in the meantime, here’s an edition of Reagan’s Roundup to hold you over.

Analog Productivity with Zettelkasten

I talked about Niklas Luhmann and his Zettelkasten system in the last episode of the podcast. Fast Company just did an article overviewing his system:

“Like vinyl records and hardcover books, Luhmann’s original system was analog. It consisted of numbered index cards, or slips, filed in six large cabinets. Each slip contained a single and complete idea (a concept his followers call ‘atomicity’). An idea might be as short as a simple sentence, or as long as a paragraph—but it had to fit into the space of a zettel, the equivalent of a half-sheet of paper.”

How Can I Be a Workplace Servant But Not a Doormat?

“The Christlike servant attitude to which I’m called in all of life can make me feel, in the workplace, more like a doormat than a human. How do I balance getting paid an appropriate wage with being a generous giver of my talents and time?”

Using Roam Research and Notion together [Video]

This video from Mickey Mellen answers one of the main questions I’ve been getting since my podcast episode on knowledge management: “Which is better Roam Research or Notion?” He answers it by showing how you can use both together, and what tasks each software is better suited for.

How I’m Using Roam Research for Bible Study

I know this roundup is a little Roam-heavy already, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to share this article from Josh Ginter with you.

Before and After Satellite Photos of Beirut Explosion

I’m sure you’ve heard about the massive explosion in Beirut this week. These satellite photos before and after the blast give a different perspective on just how destructive the blast was. Please remember to keep the Lebanese people in your prayers.

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