Reagan’s Roundup (9/4)

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Reagan’s Roundup!

Here are some links to fuel your journey toward being a more productive Christian.

Now, for what’s happening on the web:

How the Head of Growth at Superhuman Does His Email

Some great email tips in this article. “There must be a lot of pressure being on the founding team of an email client like Superhuman. You’re supposed to be the best at email — superhuman, in fact. So what happens if you’re having an off day?”

Master Plan for Bible Note Taking

This short video demonstrates through diagram how Jonathan Edwards organized his notes. It also shows how the creator of the video, Matthew Everhard, has organized his own note taking. Pastor Matt’s videos are consistently interesting so consider subscribing to his channel.

Simple Background Noise Generator

I’ve been using this background noise generator for the past week when I’m working at my desk. It lets you mix together different soundscapes. I find it’s a good way to help me focus. My favorite is combining forest and a little bit of wind.

Take Control of Your Time with Time Blocking

“[W]hen thinking about your work day, I suggest that you give every minute a job.” I’m a big fan of blocking your time out, but as he notes in the article it can be quite cognitively demanding. I wrote a post about time blocking several years ago if you’re interested.

Tips for Young (and Maybe Not-So-Young) Bloggers

Veteran blogger, Tim Challies shares some great advice for those who might be getting into blogging. This weekly roundup I do was actually Tim’s idea. So, go tell him thank you.

HEY Email: Two Months With the New Email Service

I’ve mentioned HEY email on the podcast. This is a good roundup of the practical benefit of its features by someone who fully invested themselves in this new approach to email.

As the wicked are hurt by the best things, so the godly are bettered by the worst. – William Jenkyn

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