Reagan’s Roundup: May 2, 2024

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Your weekly roundup of insights and resources to help you get more done for the glory of God.

In Today’s Issue:

  • Time Stewardship Crash Course
  • Why Daily Bread Is Better
  • Book Suggestions for Christian Graduates
  • A Time We Never Knew
  • Why You’re Inconsistent (And What to Do About It)

Dear steward,

I pray you’re having a blessed week! I’ve got a great edition of the newsletter for you today, but I wanted to kick things off by inviting you to a special event…

I’m hosting a free live training on May 15th called the ​Time Stewardship Crash Course​

I’ve designed this live workshop to be beginning-friendly. But whether you’re just diving into the world of productivity, trying to get unstuck, or just looking for a refresher and some encouragement in your productivity journey, this workshop is for you!

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • Why “why” is the most important place to begin.
  • How to cultivate Christ-honoring focus in a distracting world.
  • Why clear goals are the foundation for faithful time management.
  • How to combat overwhelm and make time for rest.
  • The uncomplicated, minimum viable toolset for stewarding your time.

The event is free, but you must register to secure your spot.

Hope to see you there!


The best links I found this week

​Why Daily Bread Is Better​ (4 mins)

Caleb Davis / The Gospel Coalition

I can certainly relate to this. Can you?

I want God to take care of all these desires, needs, and fears right now. To lay out every step of the plan for the year. To immediately give some surge of sanctification that fixes all my faults. To offer an upfront payment of provision that lets me know this year, and the next five, will go well.

Often our productivity can be motivated by fear of the future or a sense that it all rides on us. What I mean is we sometimes work hard today not out of a noble desire to be diligent or please the Lord, but because we desperately want to store time, money, or energy for tomorrow. Better to operate out of the peace and confidence that comes from trusting that it is God who supplies our daily provision.

​Gift Books for Christian Graduates​ (1 min)

Marci Ferrel / The Thankful Homemaker

A handful of books I received as gifts for my high school graduation were instrumental in my growth as a Christian in college. Gifting books is a great ministry opportunity for the grads in your life. And Marci blessed us with a roundup of suggested titles.

A handpicked selection of inspiring books perfect as gifts for Christian college and high school graduates. These books cover a range of topics, including Christian productivity, theology, understanding God’s will, and more.

I’ll add a few more suggestions of my own:

​A Time We Never Knew​ (7 mins)

Freya India / After Babel

This is a devastating account written by a Gen-Z writer grieving the phone-based childhood she grew up with.

Maybe I’m naive. Maybe all generations look back with nostalgia. But my sense is they don’t do it for a time they never knew. They feel a longing for their youth; their childhood. My parents might flick through black-and-white photos and hear stories from my grandparents and feel intrigued, but not so much grief. I think there is something distinctly different and deserving of our attention about online forums filled with Zoomers wishing that they lived before social media. Wishing it didn’t exist. These are children grieving their youth while they are still children. These are teens mourning childhoods they wasted on the internet, writing laments such as “I know I’m still young (14F), and I have so many years to make up for that, but I can’t help but hate myself for those years I wasted doing nothing all day but go on my stupid phone.”


On Redeeming Productivity

Why You’re Inconsistent (And What to Do About It)​ (9 mins)

Consistency is character. Here’s a three-step plan for growing in consistency in every area of life, starting with prayer.

Time management from an eternal perspective.

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Quote of the Week

I believe that prayer is the measure of the man, spiritually, in a way nothing else is.

J.I. Packer
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