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Happy Thursday!

This week’s Roundup is packed full of resources to help you on your journey to becoming a more productive Christian.

But first…

🚨 I have a BIG announcement for you!

Well, I guess this is sort of a pre-announcement announcement. But here goes anyway… 🤔

I’m launching a membership program called Redeeming Productivity Academy.

Redeeming Productivity Academy will be a hybrid program that combines systematic productivity training from a biblical worldview with a members-only community for accountability and encouragement.

I’m going to be sending you another email with more information about it soon, as well as info on how you can become a founding member. But if you just can’t wait for that email, you can learn more about it right here.

You have no idea how incredibly excited I am about this!

My mission has always been to help believers get more done for the glory of God. That’s what I strive to do through this newsletter, my podcast, articles, videos, and courses. But I truly believe Redeeming Productivity Academy is going to help me help you in a much more hands-on way than ever before.

Anyways, keep your eyes open for another email from me about that soon!

But for now, let’s get into this week’s Roundup! 👇

▶️ New Video

One of the most common questions I get from new parents is how to stay productive with babies in the house. In this video, I share a few things I’ve learned about being productive with a newborn.

🎙On the Podcast

There’s also a new episode of the show: Habits for Growth with Darryl Dash (28 mins)

I really enjoyed this conversation with the 8 Habits for Growth author. We talk all about habits, the simplicity of God’s plan for our growth, and exactly where you should start if you’re feeling stuck in your spiritual growth.

The Redeeming Productivity Show is my weekly podcast on a biblical approach to personal development and productivity. Subscribe on your favorite platform.

🧑‍💻The Roundup

Three New Tools That Make a Huge Difference (4 mins)

Tim Challies posted this great summary of three productivity tools he uses. The tools are:

  • Roam Research
  • Readwise
  • Tempo

While I haven’t tried Tempo (a tool for batching email delivery), I’ve done videos on both Roam Research and Readwise. And both are integral parts of my daily workflow.

(Tim Challies)

How to Remember What You Read (18 mins)

This is an article worth bookmarking. It’s an incredibly thorough look at reading methods that promote retention.

“If you read something and you don’t make time to think about what you’ve read, you won’t be able to use any of the wisdom you’ve been exposed to.”

(Farnham Street)

The MoSCoW Method of Prioritization (4 mins)

One of the hardest parts of trying to be productive is ensuring you’re prioritizing the most important tasks. If you’ve ever tried ranking your TO-DOs by high, medium, or low priority, you know those categories can get fuzzy fast. Here’s a slightly different method that may work better for you.

“The MoSCoW method is a simple, effective way to bring order to potential requirements by placing them into four distinct categories: must, should, could, won’t.”

(Anne-Laure Le Cunff / Ness Labs)

Is There Any Hope for My ‘Money Fails’? (5 mins)

“God can use our financial mistakes and failures to expose our lack of knowledge, weakness, or foolishness. But it can also reveal the idols, self-indulgent attitudes, or non-biblical attitudes about money we have allowed to affect our lives.”

(Chris Cagle / The Gospel Coalition)

Use Technology Like the Amish (5 mins)

I’ve recently begun to take a much more aggressively proactive approach to my use of technology (I’ll be sharing more about that journey soon). So naturally, since that’s been on my mind this about how the Amish think technology caught my attention.

“The Amish prize family time, neighborly connections, simplicity, and self-sufficiency. Technologies that will sustain these values are welcome, while technologies that will erode them are shunned.”

Also, at the end of the article, there’s a great list of diagnostic questions to ask yourself when evaluating new technology.

(The Art of Manliness)

👍 Something I Like

If you follow Tim Challies over on challies.com, you’ll be familiar with the beautiful quote graphics he posts each week.

Challies and digital artist Jules Koblum have been collaborating for years, pairing spiritual insights from notable believers with Koblum’s beautiful illustrations. And now they’re available in print alongside short devotionals written by Tim Challies.

The book is called Knowing and Enjoying God (Words from the Wise) and makes a great gift.

I was blessed to receive an advanced copy with no strings attached. These are just my honest thoughts. The book officially releases on September 7, but you can pre-order now.

⌛️That’s All for this Week

Thanks for reading!

If you’re enjoying the newsletter, share it with a friend. And as always, you can just hit reply to send me a message.

If you want to help me create more resources on productivity from a Christian worldview, consider supporting Redeeming Productivity.

See you next week!

– Reagan

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