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Reagan here with another jam-packed edition of the Roundup. But I want to say two things before we dive in.

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✨ Redeeming Productivity

Redeeming Your Time with Jordan Raynor (44 mins)

I chat with Jordan Raynor about his new book Redeeming Your Time. We talk about saying no generously, how the life of Jesus is a model of unhurried busyness, and Jordan’s most effective strategy for turning down the noise in your life so you can focus on what matters most.


🧑‍💻The Roundup

Why I Am Still All-in With E-Books (4 mins)

I love my Kindle but I still can’t bring myself to do what Tim Challies has done.

“Very practically, I tend to purchase general market and Christian living books in Kindle format, but reference books in Logos. Essentially, if I expect to use a book in preparing sermons or Bible studies, I prefer to have it in Logos; if I expect to merely read a book and perhaps refer to it infrequently in the future, I am content to have it on Kindle.”

(Tim Challies)

The Unteachable Key to Biblical Wisdom (7 mins)

“To gain wisdom requires teachability, a basic acknowledgment that I do not have the wisdom I need, but that it comes from outside of me, namely from God’s revealed wisdom in his Word. So, to be wise, I must start with the right posture: teachability.”

(Dan Crabtree / The Cripplegate)

Private Worship Dashboard for Notion

Here’s one for all you Notion users. A reader of the newsletter, Jeff Lopez, shared this awesome Notion template for managing your private worship times.

It includes full instructions for how to duplicate and use it in your own Notion account.

(Jeff Lopez)

A Simple Question for Eliminating Practices That No Longer Serve You (5 mins)

A major part of maximizing your productivity and growing in maturity is pruning away practices that are no longer bearing fruit.

“Some of the things you should eliminate from your life are easy to figure out . . . But there are other habits, behaviors, and practices that aren’t wholly terrible, but might be holding you back nonetheless.”

(Brett & Kate McKay / The Art of Manliness)

The New MacBook Pros Actually Look… Pro

This is good news for Apple fans and professional creatives.

Apple showcased their new line of MacBook Pro computers and they actually look like they are made for professionals again.

I only recently replaced my 2016 MacBook Pro with a simple Mac Mini. I had suffered enough. 2016 was the year they introduce the Touchbar and removed all of the ports except Thunderbolt 3. So you had to carry around an endless array of dongles to do simple tasks like connecting to an HDMI monitor or inserting an SD card from your camera.

But now it appears Apple has brought back the MagSafe charger, SD card slot, and HDMI out ports. There’s a 14″ and 16″ version and they all come with Apple’s blazing fast M1 chips.


Something I Like

In preparation for this week’s podcast, I read Jordan Raynor’s brand new book, Redeeming Your Time: 7 Principals for Being Purposeful, Present & Wildly Productive.

redeeming your time.jpeg

It’s an impressive blend of biblical principles and practical advice to get you started (or restarted) on the path of Christian productivity. If you like this newsletter, I really think you’ll love Jordan’s new book.

Grab a copy of Redeeming Your Time.

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