The Redeeming Productivity Show

Interviews, insights, and practical advice on becoming a better steward of your life for the glory of God. Hosted by Reagan Rose.

A Student’s Guide to Gaming (My New Book)

In this episode, we talk about the unhelpful ways Christians often discuss gaming, why video games are so stinking fun, and how Christians should approach gaming. I also share a reading from my brand new book A Student’s Guide to Gaming which comes out this week.

Bitcoin & the Bible

In this episode, Reagan talks to the trio behind Bitcoin & the Bible, a podcast that seeks to examine Bitcoin in light of God's Word.

A Christian’s Thoughts on Deep Work

Cal Newport's book, Deep Work, is a modern productivity classic. How can Christians take and apply the principles of deep work to rise above the distractions that surround us, live more God-glorifying lives, and better serve others?Β 

How to Overcome Overcommitment

We've all known that hopeless feeling of having more to do than you could possibly hope to accomplish. Why is it that we overcommit? How does productivity actually make the problem worse? And how do we break free from an addiction to overdoing it?