Stewardship & Productivity: A 10-Week Online Course

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Recently, I had the privilege of producing a course titled Stewardship & Productivity for The Institute for Church Leadership (ICL). It’s just launched, so I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the class.

The Content of the Class

In this 10-lesson, self-paced, fully online course I explore both the theological and practical sides of stewarding one’s whole life for God’s glory. We’ve packed in over 10 hours of video content, useful comprehension quizzes, supplemental reading, worksheets, and discussion questions for those taking the course in a group.

The Theological

For example, in week one I talk about the shortcomings of secular productivity methodologies and why we even need a Christian approach to productivity. There are so many books, videos, and podcasts out there purporting to teach us how to be more productive with our lives, but much of the philosophy behind them is radically unbiblical. How then should Christians approach this topic with wisdom and discernment?

Or in week four, I dig into the specifics of what the Bible teaches about self-discipline and how that relates to our efforts to be more productive. What are the differences between a biblical and unbiblical view of self-discipline?

The Practical

While I spend the first six lessons focussed on laying the theological foundation of Christian productivity, it’s not all theory. In the latter lessons, we turn our attention to the tools and practices you can employ to really start stewarding your life for Christ more deliberately.

I cover things like how to practically break down the various areas of your life into domains of stewardship. I also talk about the nitty-gritty of managing your task lists, with specific methods, and software recommendations.

I even touch on things like how to declutter the paper files in your home or office so you can “go paperless,” as the kids say.

The Price

My course, like all the courses in the Institute for Church Leadership, usually sells for $70 USD. Your money goes toward supporting ICL producing more high-quality video series. If you haven’t checked out their other courses, I highly encourage you to do so.

So, if you want 10-hours of my ugly mug yammering on about Christian productivity, check out Stewardship & Productivity.

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  • Looking forward to taking the course. Glad to see you are part of a fantastic group of teachers there at TMS! Thank you so much for the discount, I am grateful.

    Scott Wright

  • Greetings. I’ve just come across your podcast and thought I’d start at the beginning rather than trying to dive into the middle of the pond. I lead the Children’s Ministries effort at my church ( and am finding the need to re-examine methods during the Covid pandemic. I’m interested in the 10-week course and wondered if there is a current coupon that would help defray the cost, the only one I can find expired some time ago. Many thanks for your consideration and offerings!

    • Hey, Julia.

      From time to time the Institute for Church Leadership will give a course away for free or offer a $20 discount. But, unfortunately, I don’t think they have any promotions on courses right now.

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