RPS #48 — The Art of Notetaking and Knowledge Management

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What if you had the ability to perfectly recall anything you had ever learned? Imagine what you could do for the Kingdom! Well, as far as I know, that’s not possible yet but in this week’s episode, I talk about the subject of how we organize our notes into a knowledge management system.

I cover some of the different approaches to the subject as well as some of the software options that are available. I also discuss the theological ramifications of knowledge management and what it means for Christians to develop a “second brain.”

Links Mentioned in this Episode

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  • Hi Reagan, I have been following your blog posts and videos lately and I am so excited to see your podcast today on this topic! I would really wanna know more about Roam Research. Please share more about this software and how it could help us as Christians to organise our life.

  • So – this is something I definitely need to figure out. A lot recently I’ve been thinking about how I want to capture my notes. On the back of this podcast and my subsequent research I’m now experimenting with Zettelkasten and Obsidian.

    One very interesting forum discussion I came across was this:

    In particular I related to the comments around the feeling of finding a new software tool / system and the consequent – if temporary – boost in productivity and enthusiasm.

    I love your final thoughts also. Already I am finding myself just capturing random thoughts and notes, and am concerned about just creating a mess. Disciplined thought is definitely crucial when it comes to this kind of thing. I think a big part of this is spending time reviewing notes, and not just capturing. The illusion of progress, as you put it.

    Please keep up the good work and please do keep us up to date on how you find Obsidian and the Zettelkasten approach.

    God bless you.