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I’m a big fan of nice notebooks, but I’m also a big fan of saving money. This is my review of my favorite cheap alternative to the classic black Moleskine notebook.

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The Lemome Dotted Notebook with Pen Loop

This notebook is similar in most ways to a standard Moleskine, it has 196 pages, an elastic band to hold it closed, a bookmark ribbon, and that sleek black faux-leather look we all love.

But it also has some features that a standard Moleskine does not.

Thicker Paper

You’ll notice that the Lemome notebook is quite a bit thicker than a Moleskine journal with the same page count. That’s because the Lemome notebook uses a higher-quality paper. It also means you can use a fountain pen, or even markers without bleed-through.

This makes a great notebook for Bullet Journaling. That’s actually why I bought my first one.

Pen Loop

The main reason I decided to give this notebook a try, however, was because it came with a pen loop. It always annoyed me when I’d dig through my bag to find my notebook, then have to go back in to find a pen. The Lemome provides a thick, high-quality spot to store your pen. The elastic band holds it very snug, and there’s enough grip there that the pen won’t fall out.

Cheaper Price

I’m not claiming that the Lemome Notebook is the highest quality notebook in the world. But it is very good and at a great price.

Moleskine’s cost way more than they are worth. It’s like with fashion, sometimes you aren’t paying for quality, you’re paying for a brand name. The Lemome Dotted Notebook with Pen Loop costs significantly less than a similar Moleskine journal and it’s a much better notebook.

So that’s why the Lemome Dotted Notebook with Pen Loop is my pick for the best cheap Moleskine alternative. You can pick one up on Amazon.

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