What to Do When Your Resolutions Start Dissolving

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We’re officially two weeks into 2022. And two weeks also happens to be the average life span of a new year’s resolution. So, even if you’re finding your big plans for “new year, new me” are already floundering, I’d like to offer you a few notes of encouragement.

It’s Good to Finish What You Start

Whether it’s a Bible reading plan, exercise routine, or some other new habit, it is discouraging to find yourself unable to stick with something for even just two weeks.

I had the unfortunate timing of starting 2022 with COVID-19, which really put a damper on my plans to start the year off right. But I’m not ready to admit defeat yet. And I don’t think you should be either.

Stewardship of this life requires grit. And if your goals for this new year were good and your motives noble, it is a good thing to try and finish what you started on January 1st.

Don’t give up yet!

Don’t Quit, Modify

One of the biggest discouragements we face when it comes to resolutions is the broken streak. Maybe you committed to reading the Bible every day this year, but you’ve already missed 5 days. It’s easy to throw your hands up and say, “Oh, well! I’ll try again next year.” But is that really the only option?

Instead of quitting your plan, change it.

It’s easy to set unrealistic goals in December only to discover that in January we didn’t suddenly transform into a consistent person with superhero levels level of discipline, focus, and organization. Likely the reason your resolutions are dissolving is that they were unrealistic to begin with.

Maybe reading the Bible every day isn’t going to work this year. But instead of giving up and having no plan, perhaps try reading just the New Testament this year instead of the whole Bible, or change to reading just a chapter a day, five days a week.

Don’t quit, modify.

Draw on God’s Power to Persevere

Finally, if your goals for this new year come from a desire to honor God, know that you have the most powerful ally in the universe for that mission. It’s God’s will that we would grow (1 Thessalonians 4:8) and if we ask for things that accord with His will, we can be confident God will give those things to us (1 John 5:14–15).


It’s funny how quickly we try to solve our productivity problems with new methods, apps, or systems and forget that we are Christians with access to the King of Kings. If you’re struggling with keeping to your goals for the new year, seek the Lord’s help.

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  • This is good advice, “Don’t quit, modify.”

    Another option for Bible reading is a Bible audiobook. This frees us up to “read” while driving, cooking, andresting, etc.

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