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Happy Thursday stewards,

We had a ton of fun in yesterday’s free workshop, Planning Your 2022 for God’s Glory. Over 400 people registered for it! 🤯

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I’m hoping to do more live events like this with you in the future.

Why are video games so fun?

One of my big regrets in life is all the time I wasted in my young adult years over-indulging in video games.

In fact, my journey to productivity came by way of video game addiction. When I finally realized my life was a stewardship from God not to be wasted, I wanted to make up for lost time.

I’m not anti-gaming though. There are a million ways we waste time, many that are much more destructive than gaming. But one question that’s always nagged at me is “why were video games the thing that captured me?” or more to the point “why are video games so fun?”

It seems like a silly question, but I’m serious. What makes video games so enthralling such that I would neglect real life, and even at times forego eating just to play more?

That’s why I wrote the book A Student’s Guide to Gaming with Christian Focus.

In it, I ask the question: Why do we find video games so fun and what can that tell us about what God made us for? It’s specifically aimed at high school and college-aged Christians who love both Jesus and video games.

The book comes out on January 14th and is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.

This is my first book, and I’d love your help spreading the word. Click this link to join my launch team, and I’ll share some resources with you to help promote the book.

✨ New on Redeeming Productivity

🎙 How the Industrial Revolution Ruined Everything (37 mins)

The Industrial Revolution brought untold financial prosperity to the West. It also forms the philosophical foundation for the modern personal productivity movement. In this episode, I discuss some of what was lost in our work, our homes, and our understanding of both time and productivity because of how the Industrial Revolution reshaped our thinking.

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🧑‍💻The Roundup

Joel Beeke on Productivity (18 mins)

Great interview from earlier this year with the absurdly productive Dr. Joel Beeke. He talks about his conversion and how he manages his time to be so productive.

(Ministry Network Podcast)

It’s Gen Z’s World, And We’re Just Living In It (9 mins)

This is a fascinating deep dive into how Gen Z are shaping the future.

“When I think of Gen Z, I think of Bella McFadden and Miss Excel and the Lipstick King. I think of young people pushing us toward a more sustainable, social, and self-realized future.”

(Rex Woodbury / Digital Native)

Seth Godin: The Difference Between a Professional and an Amateur (7 mins)

You shouldn’t treat your job like a hobby, or the other way around. So many great nuggets of wisdom in this short clip from Seth Godin.

(Seth Godin / The Knowledge Project)

Take Risks for Your Days Are Numbered (3 mins)

In praise of Christians taking risks.

“Instead of living as if our days have no end—pursuing our own glory without a passion for the supremacy of God—maybe it’s time to take crazy risks for His glory. Instead of seeking comfort and avoiding pain, maybe the better way is to count it all loss and do something for God’s kingdom.”

(Daniel Seabaugh / Jesus Musings)

About Three-in-Ten U.S. Adults Are Now Religiously Unaffiliated (6 mins)

Self-identified Christians make up 63% of U.S. population in 2021, down from 75% a decade ago”

The trend of religious “nones” is continuing. That’s discouraging but no cause for despair. Christ will have His bride (Matt 16:18). The takeaway from studies like these shouldn’t be “our churches need more gimmicks to bring people in!” it should be “let’s be more faithful!”

(Gregory A. Smith / Pew Research Center)

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– Reagan

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