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Dear steward,

I pray your week is going well, and you are finding ways to glorify God in all that you do.

As you’ve probably seen, my membership program, Redeeming Productivity Academy, is reopening for registration tomorrow.

I know it might not be the right fit for everyone, but if you’re a Christian who wants to take the next step with developing your time-management skills, this program can help you see results.

Here’s what one current RPA member had to say about it:

“I love the community of God’s people loving and encouraging each other to do our best each day to the glory of God. Being a part of this community has encouraged me to step up my walk with Christ and not settle for mediocre.“

– George Young, Project Manager

If you have benefited from my articles, newsletters, podcasts, and videos, RPA is the next step to start really applying the principles of Christian productivity in your life. Plus it will connect you to an awesome community of other productivity-minded believers!

Becoming a member is also one of the best ways you can support the work I do in creating free resources on productivity from a Christian worldview.

Registration opens tomorrow and will close next Wednesday, May 11th at 7 pm EDT.

I’ll send you more info about how to sign-up tomorrow.

But for now, let’s get into this week’s Roundup!

🧑‍💻The Roundup

TEA framework of productivity: managing your time, energy, and attention (5 mins)

“It may seem obvious that we need time to produce any work, that we need energy to sustain our effort, and that we need attention to focus on the work. But, somehow, we sometimes get so obsessed with systems that we forget about those three fundamental pillars of productivity. While the core tenets of the TEA framework are easy to grasp, it has far-reaching implications for the way you live and work.”

(Anne-Laure Le Cunff / Ness Labs)

Talking Productivity on the TheoBros Podcast (50 mins)

I had a lot of fun talking with Justin Bullington about personal productivity as well as Christians and gaming on the TheoBros podcast earlier this week. I think you’ll enjoy our conversation too.


How Do I Handle a Job That Requires Overtime? (3 mins)

Jobs that require overtime can put a Christian at risk of idolizing their career, where it becomes their main focus and their source of satisfaction. But work can become an idol for Christians no matter how many hours they put in, just as leisure activities can become idols.”

(Russ Gehrlein / The Gospel Coalition)

Do You Really Need to Hold That Meeting? (2 mins)

Love this decision tree from the Harvard Business Review.

(Elizabeth Grace Saunders / Harvard Business Review)

Discouragement Can Take You Deeper: Finding Christ in Our Failures (5 mins)

“There are two ways to do life as a believer. One, gradually grow cynical by allowing the discouragements of life to beat out of you the acute sense of eternal destiny and wonder that God gave you at conversion. Two, leverage the discouragements of life into deeper reality with God and the doctrines you confess.”

(Dane Ortlund / Desiring God)

To Do: Look Up and Rejoice! (4 mins)

“Last Tuesday was radiant. I was driving home from a meeting with the items of my to-do list loudly shouting in my head—you know, the list of things that you need to get done that day; the list that can seem never ending? As a task-oriented person, I usually enjoy the ‘to-do’ list and the satisfaction of completed tasks, but on this particular day, there were just too many items competing for my immediate attention.”

(Sarah Kuswadi / The Gospel Coalition Australia)

🖋Quote of the Week

O God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come, our shelter from the stormy blast, and our eternal home:

– Isaac Watts, O God, Our Help in Ages Past

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⌛️That’s All for this Week

Hit reply to ask me questions about the Academy, or just to say hello.

I’ll see you next time!

– Reagan

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