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Dear steward,

You have more time than you think.

I hate when I catch myself saying, “I don’t have enough time.” I hate it because I know it’s just not true. God has pre-ordained the good works I am to walk in, and so I can be certain He has given me enough time in which to do them all.

The problem then is not one of having too little time, but with how I spend the time I’ve been given.

If you want a serious gut check on how much time you actually have that’s being wasted try this:

If you’re on an iPhone go to Settings → Screen Time

If you’re on an Android go to Settings → Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls → Manage Your Data → Daily Device Usage

It should show you the daily average time you spent on your device in the last week.

Not all time spent on our devices is wasted time, of course. But if we’re honest, much of it is.

If you’re anything like me, your screen time report is probably enough to flush the words “I don’t have enough time” from your vocabulary forever.

Looking at my screen time report each week is a helpful reminder to focus my limited time on the things that matter most.

It’s not about having enough time. It’s about how we spend it. We all have enough time to put toward the things we really want to do.

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✨ New on Redeeming Productivity

One of the greatest blessings of my life was having the privilege of attending The Master’s Seminary. Earlier this week I shared a flashback of my senior testimony.

🧑‍💻The Roundup

Your Money Will Trick You (5 mins)

“Everywhere we turn in the Scriptures, we see big flashing lights saying, ‘Money can be hazardous to your health!’ Which means that every time we see an unexpected source of income or a burgeoning bank account, or receive that hoped-for raise, we should acknowledge the increase of wealth as simultaneously helpful and harmful.”

(Trevin Wax / The Gospel Coalition)

DJ Mattson’s Senior Testimony at The Master’s Seminary (5 mins)

I was grieved to hear of the passing of DJ Mattson shortly after his graduation. DJ and his wife Judy were a part of my Bible study for a time while I was at Grace Church, and were a great source of encouragement to me and my wife. This is DJ’s senior testimony given just weeks before he graduated both from TMS and into glory. Please pray for Judy.

(Jordan Standridge / The Cripplegate)

1Password 8’s Quick Access and Universal Autofill Features Can Replace Your Previous Password Workflows (2 mins)

If you’re not using a password manager, I don’t know how you’re surviving. 1Password is a great option. This is a great roundup of some new features in the popular password manager.

(Josh Ginter / The Sweet Setup)

Why You Should Read More Biographies (3 mins)

“If there’s anything I’ve learned from biographies, it’s this: there’s always more to the story. History’s heroes are far more ordinary than you think they are, and history’s villains have more in common with the average person than you realize. When you come to terms with this reality, it causes you to take stock of your own life.”

(Trevor Nashleanas / Gospel Relevance)

Connected Note-Taking App LogSeq

I’ve mentioned it a few times before, but I’m now all in on LogSeq as a replacement for Roam Research and Obsidian. It has all the features I liked about Roam Research (interconnected block notes, great UI) with all the things I liked about Obsidian (local markdown files, open-source, free 😃).

If you’re in the market for a new way to organize your notes, try giving LogSeq a spin.

🖋Quote of the Week

“The honest truth is that you don’t need any electronic device, but you do need to be holy.”

– Heath Lambert, Finally Free

Resurfaced with Readwise.

👍 Something I Like

My friend Dustin Benge has started a newsletter. And if it’s anything like his podcast and social media presence, it promises to be edifying and Christ-centered.

Check out the first issue, Issue 1: How to Develop Your Spiritual Discernment, and consider subscribing.

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