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Happy Thursday stewards,

I’m back in Michigan. It was a blessed week in California working and meeting up with friends old and new. And while it was nice to feel warm again, there’s nothing like being back home in your own bed.

I’m still playing a bit of catchup from being out of town. But have managed to pull together a pretty decent edition of the Roundup for you today (if I do say so myself).

But the main point of interest is the podcast episode below.

I mentioned the Bitcoin and the Bible podcast a while back in a “Something I Like” feature. But I recently had the privilege of having the creators on my podcast to talk about Bitcoin and Christianity. If you are even the slightest bit curious about Bitcoin, I highly encourage you to have a listen. I think it will be a real eye-opener.

✨ Redeeming Productivity

🎙 Bitcoin & the Bible (70 mins)

It seems like everyone is talking about Bitcoin these days. But how should Christians think about this digital money? Is it a scam, a get-rich scheme, or something worthy of a closer look? In this episode, Reagan talks to the trio behind Bitcoin & the Bible, a podcast that seeks to examine Bitcoin in light of God’s Word.

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🧑‍💻The Roundup

3 Things No One Ever Told You About Making Friends in Adulthood (7 mins)

It’s hard to make new friends as an adult. This article has some good tips about how to be more intentional about it. I especially appreciated the part about recognizing that some people are initiators and some aren’t.

“So the biggest lesson to learn about making friends in adulthood is that it’s going to take real, proactive effort. It won’t just happen; you’ll have to work to make it happen.”

(Brett & Kate McKay / The Art of Manliness)

Review: ‘Redeeming Your Time’ by Jordan Raynor (5 mins)

Brandon D. Crowe wrote a balanced review of Raynor’s new productivity book. We’re actually about to dig into this title in our Redeeming Productivity Academy book club, so it’s nice to get some other perspectives.

“Raynor suggests seven principles and 32 practices to help readers vanquish their to-do lists, and to make progress toward life’s most important and strategic actions.”

P.s. Listen to my recent interview with Jordan Raynor about the book.

(Brandon D. Crowe / The Gospel Coalition)

Task vs. time: The great work debate (6 mins)

This is a really interesting case study about the time Best Buy tried to shift to a results-based work environment instead of a standard 40-hour workweek.

“In the mid-2000s, she and fellow HR employee Cali Ressler led a movement known as the Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) to help the electronics giant attract more talent. Employees were told to forget about time and place and just finish their assignments.

“The goal wasn’t flex scheduling or remote work, as those designations suggest employees would merely request changes to a standard 9-to-5 style workday. It was for employees to have complete control over their schedule, no questions asked.

“ROWE rests on 2 key concepts: autonomy and accountability.”

(Mark Dent / The Hustle)

How to manage “Can I pick your brain?” requests (6 mins)

Whether you are at the sending or receiving ends of these types of requests, there’s some good advice in here for everyone.

The only thing I’d add is there’s a very transactional, bottom-line undercurrent to this piece that I think Christians should be wary of. Part of stewarding our time is guarding it, but another part is giving it and expecting nothing in return.

“You open your inbox, see an email from someone unfamiliar, read it, and see the dreaded “Can I pick your brain?” request. No context, no offer to compensate you for your time, just this vague demand to extract value from you without contributing anything in return. What are some ways you can reply to these emails without sounding rude, and how can you avoid being the offender when you need advice from someone?”

(Anne-Laure Le Cunff / Ness Labs)

Here’s a super practical use case for the Shortcuts app on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

“One of the shortcuts I use every day that fits this description is a simple Email link to spouse shortcut that simply formats the current webpage link into a pre-addressed email for me to send.”

(Jeffrey Abbott / The Sweet Setup)

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⌛️That’s All for this Week

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I’ll see you next week!

– Reagan

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