RPS #58 — Overcoming the Fear of Other People’s Opinions

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Where would you be today if you weren’t so afraid of other people’s opinions? That’s the question that drove me to look for biblical answers to my fear of man.

In this episode, we discuss how destructive living in the fear of others can be to our lives and personal productivity, and how Scripture provides a way out of this snare. I also share a big life update.


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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 – Welcome, and Major Life Update
  • 4:16 – Why You Should Fear the Fear of Man
  • 8:41 – How to Attack the Fear of Man
  • 12:12 – What Fear of Man Does to Us
  • 14:01 – The Fear of Man Is Beatable
  • 16:58 – Rightly Ordered Fears
  • 20:02 – First, Fear God
  • 24:25 – Second, Love People
  • 28:43 – Outro


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