How to Overcome Overcommitment

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We’ve all known that hopeless feeling of having more to do than you could possibly hope to accomplish. Why is it that we overcommit? How does productivity actually make the problem worse? And how do we break free from an addiction to overdoing it?

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  • Hi Reagan,
    I love your podcast. It’s right up my alley of things I love to read and think about. I, too, am guilty of overcommitment at times. Somehow, I think that I can keep expanding my limits on what I can do because I have improved on my own systems. It seems that the solution is to accept own limits instead.
    I’ve noticed in myself that another factor that leads to overcommitment is a lack of patience. Sometimes, I bite off more than I can chew because I am eager (and impatient) to see the end result come to fruition. This, too, can be tempered by humble acceptance of our limits and God’s plan for us each day.