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Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States!

Before we jump into the roundup, I want to take a quick sec to tell you about tomorrow’s Black Friday deal.

If you saw my email earlier this week, you already know that I’m teaming up with Dr. Darryl Burling to offer a deal to help kick start your new year with good routines for growth.

Beginning tonight at 11:45 pm EST, you’ll be able to pick up my POWER Mornings course AND Darryl’s Foundations of Personal Transformation for just $97.

That’s two courses for the price of one!

POWER Mornings will teach you my step-by-step process for creating a morning routine that will help you steward the best hours of your day so that you can get more done for the glory of God.

And Darryl’s Foundations of Personal Transformation will teach you the “heart-first” theology that you’ll use in everyday life to overcome problems with grace, love and ever-increasing trust in the Lord and His plan for you.

These two courses taken together make a killer combo. Get your morning routine and your devotional life sorted now so you can make the most of 2022.

If you’ve been eyeing POWER Mornings, this is the time to pull the trigger!

I’ll email you with the link when the cart opens later tonight.

Until then, here are some links to peruse before your post-turkey nap…

⏳Redeeming Productivity

🎙The Christian & Physical Fitness with Don LaTorre (54 mins)

In this episode, Reagan talks with Don LaTorre, creator of Layman’s Fitness, a ministry that helps Christian men connect both the theology and practice of physical fitness for the glory of God.

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✍️ Gift Guide for Productive Christians (5 mins)

Productivity gift ideas for every budget. This is a roundup of some of the tools that have helped me get the most bang for my buck.

✍️ Choose Value Management Over Time Management (2 mins)

We all want to be better at time management. But often we fail to improve in this area because we focus on calendars and clocks when we should be directing our attention further upstream.

🧑‍💻The Roundup

Do We Really Want Everything That Technology Can Give Us? (3 mins)

Growing up during the rise of the internet, I heard so many shallow arguments against technology made by well-meaning, yet fearful Christians. But I’ve started to realize that perhaps because of that, I’ve grown numb to nearly any argument against new technologies; I unfairly write it all off as fear-mongering.

But I’m becoming more convinced that we need to reexamine some of our assumptions about technology. The newest technologies that are here and on the imminent horizon are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. There is good reason to pause and consider.

That’s why I appreciated the thoughtful musings in this piece. Veith examines where technology seems to be taking us and asks whether or not it really is a good place.

“It is easy to get caught up in technological progress, eagerly awaiting whatever technology has in store for us. But do we actually want everything that technology can do?”

(Gene Veith / Patheos)

The Forgotten Tale of George Lucas’s Writing Tower (2 mins)

This is a cool anecdote about the workspace George Lucas used to write Star Wars.

“Lucas worked from old photographs of the house to reconstruct a two-story tower, including a fireplace and wrap-around windows offering a scenic view of nearby Mount Tam. It was in this tower, in the two years that followed, that Lucas sequestered himself most afternoons to sit at a three-sided desk he built out of old doors and grind out a new script for a movie concept that had long fascinated him, but was proving immensely difficult to reduce into a digestible story. His working title for the project: ‘The Star Wars.’”

(Cal Newport / Study Hacks)

Both American Gospel Films Are Free to Watch Today!

My friends at American Gospel TV are celebrating their one-year anniversary. And they are doing so by making access to both of their original American Gospel documentaries completely free for today and tomorrow!

These movies are excellent! And they make great conversation starters with family and friends.

You can learn more and watch them both here:

⌛️That’s All for this Week

Enjoy your day, with thankfulness, to the glory of God!

– Reagan

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