Reagan’s Roundup (3/20)

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My state of California just issued a stay at home order last night. Some other states are expected to follow suit. As my family, friends, and colleagues are all adjusting to this month-long directive, we’re trying to anticipate what life is going to look like. It’s novel right now, and in some ways kind of fun (let the reader understand), but I expect it’s going to get old real fast.

I want to be a resource to believers who are trying to figure out what productivity looks like when they’re stuck at home, their routine is disrupted, and in some cases they’re having to help keep kids productively occupied as well.

The following resources are mostly geared toward those ends.

Ligonier Makes All Teaching Series Free to Stream

“As a result of the global health crisis, churches are canceling Bible studies, small groups, and Sunday school classes. Pastors and elders around the world are thinking about new ways to bring God’s Word to their congregations. Fathers and mothers want to care for their children’s souls. This truly is an unprecedented time. To serve growing Christians around the world, Ligonier Ministries is here to help you maintain your daily growth and the discipleship within your family and community.”

Remote Work Tools

This wiki, compiled by the team who develops the app Notion, is a great resource to find tools and ideas for collaborating with your work team at a distance.

Humbled by the Hand of God: How to Receive Hard Mercies

“God is the one who does the humbling, and he will get the glory for it. In this is humility — not that we have humbled ourselves, but that God, in his mercy, took the initiative to humble us first. Yet, he invites us to welcome his work and participate in the process through the self-humbling of repenting, declaring him righteous, and learning from the humbling of others.”

Has the bidet’s time in North America finally arrived?

“‘Interest in bidets is booming,’ Ben Frumin, the editor in chief of reviews website Wirecutter, says. The website’s guide to bidets was its second-most-read guide from March 13 to 15. (First was its guide to thermometers.) ‘This is … not normal,’ Frumin says. ‘Traffic to our bidets guide has increased something like 5,000 percent year over year.'”

How To Make the Most of Lockdown (Tips from Christians in Italy)

“Keeping a routine is crucial. We all need a routine. We cannot stay up all hours of the night and sleep until noon just because we don’t have anywhere to go. There is still schoolwork, housework, and spiritual work to do. Whether or not my two older children, whom I have now dubbed the quaranTEENS, feel as though keeping a schedule is important, it is for the good of the family to do so.”

The Tools You Need to Speed Up Your Home Internet

If you’re one of the many people trying to be productive from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a zippy internet connection is going to be important. This guide offers several steps to help you get a little bit more speed from your internet router.

You Can Watch News and Other Content Free on Sling Without an Account

If your household is like mine and has “cut the cord” when it comes to cable, this crisis may have you wishing you could still watch live news. Well, Sling has a service called Sling Free that allows you to watch live news and other content completely free. This guide from Review Geek shows you how to get started.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:5–6
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