Reagan’s Roundup (3/27)

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve just completed my first week of quarantine lockdown. Working from home has had it’s pros and cons. But on balance, I’m getting a lot done and feeling pretty good about it.

If you missed Monday’s podcast episode, Carpe Quarantine, in it I talk about ways to make the most of this strange time. From a productivity and spirituality standpoint, this lockdown presents some great opportunities (even if they aren’t the kind of opportunities we would have asked for).

Now, here are some links from around the web.

Hope in the face of uncertainty

I had the privilege of writing an op-ed for Disrn News this week on finding comfort in God during this crisis.

“Everything else in our lives can be stripped away by disease, economic collapse, and most inevitably by death. But there is a sure hope and a ready comfort to be found in the God whose steadfast love never ceases, whose mercies never end, and who is unconditionally faithful. The Lord has a track record of promise-keeping and compassion because faithfulness and mercy are simply part of who He is (see Exodus 34:6–8). His reliable character, therefore, provides a comfort which transcends all adversity and, for those who have trusted in Him, even the specter of the grave itself.”

Ten Ways COVID-19 Can Work for Our Good

From Brian Najapfour at Reformation21, “So how can this coronavirus be for our good? Let me suggest ten ways.”

Book Summary: “Atomic Habits”

I really like these book summaries by Faster to Master. This one is on one of the most popular productivity books to come out in the past few years and it encapsulates the key concepts.

What the last few weeks have been like for the CEO of Slack

I have wondered what it must be like to work for Zoom or some other business who instead of facing a downturn like most during this crisis, is facing the biggest boon in their company’s history. Slack is a popular team chat service used by businesses around the world. As you might expect, their usage has skyrocketed as remote work has become essential for so many businesses. This Twitter thread provides a fascinating insight into exactly what the past few weeks have been like from the perspective of CEO Stewart Butterfield.

Five ways to help your kids worship through live-stream

I appreciated this practical help from Jesse Johnson.

“For many families, the shift of churches to live-stream presents a great opportunity to teach younger children how to sit through a worship service. Of course the goal is that they would do more than sit through it, maybe even actually profit from it, but baby-steps (as they say).”

I _ _ _ _ passwords

“Back in ancient times (no … not dinosaur time … got forward a bit), when most people only needed to worry about remembering one password to one website. You could use ‘monkey123’ and be fairly safe, because not many other people were connecting to your very first BBS.

“Fast forward to modern times and the average person needs passwords to tens, if not hundreds, of websites and services. To make matters worse, monkey123 no longer works as a password (you shouldn’t be surprised, if you are … go change your password).”

“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, “Therefore I have hope in Him.”

Lamentations 3:24
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