RPS #16 – Rebinding Bibles to the Glory of God with Jeffery Rice

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In this episode, I am joined by Jeff Rice, one-half of the team behind Post Tenebras Lux Bible Rebinding. Jeff and his wife, Katherine, started their Bible rebinding business in 2017 out of Middle Tennessee and have been churning out extremely high-quality work ever since. Jeff and I talk about his amazing testimony, the value of hard work, and personal calling.


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  • Reagan, I just listened to this interview yesterday- what a great one. How refreshing to hear from someone who is, in some ways, such a departure from the usual sort of guest on a podcast about productivity; a blue-collar sort of guy with a southern accent (full disclosure- I’m from Alabama, myself).

    Maybe best of all was the obvious fervor Jeff brings to his work. It was difficult to listen and not be inspired! Thanks for the interview.

    • Jeff’s an amazing guy! Yeah, one of the reasons I wanted to have him on was to illustrate that being a productive Christian doesn’t look like just one thing. The key is faithful stewardship of our lives and work to God’s glory, and Jeff is doing just that.