Seminary Resources

Tools, templates, and resources to help you steward your time in seminary well.

My Ideal Week Template (Google Sheets)

Google Sheet to help you plan your schedule for the semester. There’s also an option to export to Excel if you prefer.

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Notion Template

A custom template for seminarians to help manage assignments, due dates, notes, and more.

Just create a free Notion account. You don’t need to use the paid version to utilize everything in this template.

Overview Video

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Morning Routine Planner

A simple-to-follow template for setting your mornings up for success in devotions, planning, exercise, and more.

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Recommended Productivity Tools

  • Notion -> This is my favorite all in one tool for managing note-taking, projects, and just generally staying organized.
  • Rize -> AI-driven Time-tracker with built in Pomodoro timers to keep you honest about how productive you’re being
  • Freedom -> website and app blocker to help you fight distractions
  • Todoist -> To-do list management app (works on all platforms)
  • Things -> Apple-only to-do list manager (my personal favorite)
  • Giant Wall Calendar -> Great way to see the whole year at a glance

Other Resources from Redeeming Productivity

  • Redeeming Productivity -> my book on personal productivity from a biblical perspective. Addresses both theological foundations and tactics and strategies for getting more done for the glory of God.
  • Courses -> Especially helpful for seminarians are To-Do Lists Done Right and POWER Mornings
  • Redeeming Productivity Academy -> Our membership program with courses and accountability.


Other Recommended Resources