Some Thoughts on Risk and Why You Should Take More of Them

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Risk is part of life. Every time we lace up our shoes and leave the house, we are taking on some level of risk. We could be humiliated, we could be robbed, we could even die. But if we are to live faithfully or do anything useful with our lives we need to get comfortable with risk.

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Show Notes:

  • 0:00 Welcome
  • 5:08 1. This World Is Terrified of Risk
  • 8:08 2. We Are Terrible at Calculating Risk
  • 13:01 3. Risk is the Pathway to Reward
  • 17:28 4. Christians Must Learn to Tolerate More Risk
  • 24:57 5. Risks Taken on Principle for God & His Glory Are No Risk at All
  • 28:58 – Outro


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