RPS #64 — Why a Victim Mentality Is Cancerous to Personal Productivity

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A victimhood mindset is antithetical to the gospel and to personal productivity. People who think of themselves as victims are trapped in a prison of their own mind, always waiting for someone to come save them. If you adopt a victimhood mindset, you will never get anywhere. This self-pitying mind trap must be destroyed whenever it rears its ugly head.

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Show Notes

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 7:45 – Defining the Victim Mindset
  • 10:40 – A Victim Mindset is Not the Same as Being a Victim
  • 12:22 – The 4 Features of a Victim Mindset
  • 16:16 – A Victim Mindset is Antithetical to the Gospel
  • 18:14 – A Mindset of Victimhood is Cancerous at the Macro Level
  • 22:04 – A Mindset of Victimhood is Cancerous to Personal Productivity
  • 26:36 – How to Slay a Victim Mentality
  • 31:39 – Practical Strategies for Fighting a Victim Mentality
  • 33:32 – Conclusion


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