RPS #2 – How to Use Email Like a Christian

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In this episode, we talk about how what it looks like to email like a Christian and how personal efficiency is not necessarily at odds with having a good witness in the workplace.

2:41 – Discuss article on “Emailing Like a Boss”

  • How the author says her life was changed by responding to emails with shorter answers because it made her more responsive, and let fewer emails slip through the cracks.
  • The author was inspired by seeing emails from top CEOs and politicians when they became public after high-profile email hacks.
  • Mark Cuban is known for this practice.
  • Like to article from BuzzFeed (warning: Language).

7:30 – Discussing the merits of this terse approach to email

  • Allows you to get more emails answered.
  • But there is a trade-off in personal warmth.
  • Is this practice a good idea for Christians in the workplace?

8:30 – Emailing like a Christian—not a CEO

  • The Bible has a lot to say about how believers communicate:
  • Quoted Matt. 15:11; 12:34.
  • Regardless of the medium through which Christians communicate, our communication should be markedly Christian.
  • Explained Colossians 4:5–6.
  • The way in which you email is part of your Christian witness in the workplace.

16:41 – Personal efficiency in email is not at odds with loving people in our communication

  • Often, the most caring thing you can do with email is get back to someone right away, even if that means a shorter, more terse response.
  • Long-winded emails do not equal better emails.

20:12 – The principles behind emailing like a Christian

  • Be Responsive
  • Be Clear
  • Be Brief
  • Be Kind

24:05 – Some examples of emailing like a Christian

29:26 – Conclusion

  • Personal efficiency is not at odds with painting a good Christian witness. Often it can assist in that. So when it comes to emailing like a Christian the goal is simple:
  • I want to have a good witness for Christ, by being a person who communicates well through email.
  • That means I need to respond in a reasonable time frame. And it means I need to make sure my emails, like all my speech, are always gracious, seasoned with salt.


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