RPS #1 – Show Intro and 10 Tips for Seminarians

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In this first episode of the Redeeming Productivity Show, Reagan introduces what the show and blog are all about, tells a little bit about him, then the bulk of the program is about tips for seminary students to be successful in their studies while staying close to the Lord.

1:04 – What Redeeming Productivity is all about

  • A Christian approach to productivity
  • Started as a blog
  • Approaches the topic with discernment and a desire to focus on glorifying God with one’s life

2:06 – About the host, Reagan Rose

  • Director of Digital Platforms at Grace to You, graduate of The Master’s Seminary
  • From gamer to God-glorifier, why he’s interested in the topic of productivity
  • The theological foundation for productivity and why secular approaches fall short

6:50 – 10 Tips for Success in Seminary

Goes through the ten tips one-by-one.


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  • Thanks so much, Reagan! I’m so thankful you’re starting these podcasts. I look forward to hearing future podcasts from you. Also, I’ve benefited so much from the Stewardship & Productivity Class you taught for the ICL. I love your mix of practical tips and putting it all into a spiritual grid. Blessings!