Reagan’s Roundup: May 23, 2024

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Your weekly roundup of insights and resources to help you get more done for the glory of God.

In Today’s Issue:

  • The Christian’s Keystone Habit
  • When We Stop Getting Bored
  • Discipleship & Full Calendars
  • Minimalist Workout Tracker
  • Notion for Christians

Dear steward,

I pray your week is going well.

I’ve been finishing a little kitchen renovation here at the Rose household. It’s kept me away from the computer and given me a lot of time to think.

Specifically, I’ve been thinking about habits. We all know how important they are. But it’s also really hard to start a new habit. Harder still, often we find ourselves paralyzed by the options.

Which habit should I focus on?

There are so many areas of my life I’d like to grow in that it’s hard to focus on one single habit. So we flit from thing to thing, never really finding the consistency or growth we’re looking for.

So, today, I wanted to try and make a compelling case for the one single habit you should focus on first. This is The Christian’s Keystone Habit.



The Habits of Highly Productive Leaders

Great leaders make plans.

But leaders need tools and systems to turn plans into actions, and actions into results.

With Sunsama, accomplishing your goals has never been easier. With guided daily planning, AI-driven time estimates, auto-scheduling, and much more, Sunsama keeps you on track, accountable, and focused.

Don’t let the distractions hold you back. Try Sunsama for free, and unlock your most productive self.

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The best links I found this week


What Happens When You Stop Getting Bored? (7 mins)

Justin Poythress / Time & Chance

Perhaps the greatest loss we’ve suffered at the hands of social media is something that disguises as a blessing—the loss of boredom. Ironically, the most obvious symptom of one’s loss of boredom-endurance is how quickly and frequently one complains of being bored.

Why a Full Calendar Doesn’t Necessarily Produce Mature Church Members (5 mins)

Caleb Batchelor / 9Marks

Thoughts worth considering for church leaders. The criticism that church has become overly programmatized is common. But I thought the way this author approached thinking about this via the regulative principal was valuable.

If Scripture doesn’t command certain events, then we can encourage members to participate, but we should not require participation, or make people feel guilty for not participating. And if we don’t require participation, then we shouldn’t expect those events to support the weight of our discipleship model.

Dropset – Minimalist Workout Tracker

This is just a really well designed app. I love the simplicity, responsiveness, and offline support. Worth a look if you’re on the hunt for a new way to track your exercise.

On Redeeming Productivity

How I Organize My Christian Life with Notion (28 mins)

Here’s my system for managing Bible reading, prayer, personal productivity, goals, and habit tracking all inside of Notion.


Quote of the Week

What makes life worthwhile is having a big enough objective, something which catches our imagination and lays hold of our allegiance, and this the Christian has in a way that no other person has. For what higher, more exalted, and more compelling goal can there be than to know God?

J.I. Packer
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